Sunday, June 17, 2007

What a Kick Ass Day Sunday Was

I felt productive, creative, and generally in a very good mood. I went out in my back yard and picked a huge bouquet of flowers from my garden for my dining room table. Having my own cut flowers is something I was determined to do after I saw a woman on t.v. once a few years back, who had created a great little cottage business selling cut flowers from her yard. It inspired me and I started growing different varieties of flowers for my own cuttings.

I love flower arranging and have been pretty good at it for years. My oldest daughter also has a gift and good eye for arranging flowers and I'm happy to see she enjoys it as much as I do. Anyway, I couldn't resist cutting some of those gorgeous Mexican Sunflowers and let me tell you, some of those blooms were at least four feet above my 5ft, 5 inch frame!

I'm so very tired and wish I were in bed right now. I promised to do some laundry and I got so busy with all kinds of other stuff earlier, I totally forgot and had to get back up and get after it. Oh well, at least I have something to write about and can try to entertain you people. :)


Valatan said...

I need to start growing more flowers. I like my little yellow mini roses, but more variety is always good.

kimberly said...

Ok are we going to see a pic of those beautiful flower??????? (poke)>>>>>

Virginia aka Ginny said...

Actually I'm surprised I didn't take a pic of the so busy. Maybe I'll take one today if I can grab the time. I've been cleaning most of the know how that goes.