Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Skinny

Ben started school again and is now officially a third grader! He seems to have a nice teacher so far and I haven't heard any complaints about anything. So far so good...but when they start giving homework galore it is going to be a challenge for me to keep Ben interested in doing more school work after a whole day of it. Poor kids...they are tired when they get home.

I can't believe how much like fall it feels already! Wow, 91 degrees feels pretty good! I miss the sun though. It has been behind the clouds a lot for the last day or so. I need sunlight and wonder how well I will be able to deal with the winter. I tend to get the drearies when it is miserable outside and grey skies dominate. I wonder if those artificial light things work.

Work is good, friends are good, family is good. Life is good. Will check back later!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Maybe Yes

Maybe I will get a blog make over in this millennium...maybe not. I am hopeful Dusty will finish up his stuff soon and get busy on this one. He is good at this stuff...I must be patient. :)

Man in the Desert

Man in the desert seems a million miles away
Out of grasp, out of touch but I feel him
He is here and there

Hearts divided on one plane
together on another
Man in the desert come home

Make things happen for others to see
All can revel in your determined sweat
You dream and create and tear down walls

My walls are gone

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Where to Begin

There is much catching up to do with photos stored on my hard drive. I will post random stuff for a while to get started which appears to be a good place to begin.

My new tent next to the old one. This was taken on a camping trip at Inks lake when I was with co-workers a few short months back. We had a good time. I managed to walk to some familiar spots and reflect back on treasured moments with Thomas when we were last at Inks together.

I can never go to any of these places again without having these memories of our time spent together coming back to me. But compared to a couple of years ago, I can look back with ease and not wince at the pain of it that once lurked in my being. Time can be both cruel and kind.

This goose is having a gander. Hah couldn't resist...anyway, this is at the waters edge at Inks.