Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crummy Luck!

So on the 23rd I got in a car accident and the insurance companies ruled that me and the other person were 50/50 at fault, which doesn't please me since I KNOW I wasn't at fault. Damn it! But I suppose it could be worse, they could have said it's my fault completely and then I'd really be in a pickle. But as it is now, at least half of my damages will be paid for so that is something. I'm too bogged down with stuff to fight it, so will just let it go. One of these days I'm going to buy a bright red car so people will see me! lol

Today my purse was stolen. I had almost 50.00 in cash in my purse, and of course my credit cards, driver's license, social security card, check books to two bank accounts, and my bank cards were all in I've been busy trying to cover those bases. What a big friggin hassle and I'm so pissed. My purse was stolen right out from under my nose at our garage sale. I set it down for just a minute or two to assist a teen age girl, and I think her friend took the purse while I was helping her. As soon as they left, I noticed my purse was gone. GRRRRRRR

So I called the police, yadda yadda yadda... but I doubt the dirty little theives will be caught. In any case I suppose things could have been worse...I could have had a whole pay check's worth of cash in it or something. Hopefully these brats are too stupid to try identity theft, but I'll cover that base too...gonna call the soc sec. office first thing on Monday.

As for my car, it's fixable and I have a trustworthy mechanic who will do the work. I've already gotten the parts from a salvage yard. I just hope there is no engine damage but am taking it to the dealership as soon as possible to get their opinion and their estimate on the damages. Then I have to take it to the insurance company to get their appraisal. Hopefully they won't try to screw me over...well of course they will try...but I'll have the dealership estimate to come back on them with should the insurance company try to pull a stunt. Ah life is so wonderful! lol

Other than this string of bad luck over the past few days, things are going okay. I'm still loving my job and love my new apartment. :)

I think I'm going to start offering art classes soon to individuals as a way to make extra money and am looking forward to getting my art studio set up. Lot's of work to be done there, but fun work! I haven't been able to paint yet, but am getting close to being in full swing on that. My 43rd birthday is in a few days and I'm hoping to have a party this weekend. We'll see how things go.

I went backpacking with Gilbert last weekend, but we didn't get to hike the next day. One of his kids got sick and we had to cut the trip short, but none the less, it was WONDERFUL getting out in nature. We went to Colorado Bend State Park and had a really good time. There wasn't a soul around and it was incredibley peaceful. I can't wait to get back out on the trails soon.

I guess that is about all the update I have for now. To all my loyal readers, I love you and I'm sorry I haven't blogged much lately. Things are starting to settle down though and I should have more leisure time to blog. I hope all is well with all of you!


Monday, February 16, 2009

About Damn Time Right?


Pears with gargonzola cheese

Fun with Blurring

fun with spinning the camera while taking the shot

typical moving pictures...

semi moved in...

I sleep on the floor and I like it that way

more typical moving shots

taken at the old place...moving is so much fun!

This is very special comes from a place in my childhood.

Stained glass from Grandaddy's old studio. This piece used to be part of a wall in his studio.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

People Want PHOTOS!

I am working on it. :)

I know I've been quite absent. I miss my blog and my blog friends. I miss a lot of things and many people actually. There is so little time to keep up with everyone. I've had little time to myself as's ridiculous.

I work 10 hour days now and it takes a lot of my energy, but I LOVE the job. I did manage to get out some this weekend for a little fun with my friend Elliott and some of his friends. This was Friday night. We had a great time and I didn't want to leave such fun company, but I spent a good 24 hours at Elliott's, so needed to get back to the home pad and pay attention to my cat. Ben is with his father this weekend, the first weekend in three weeks solid. I needed the break!

Today I will be getting my car inspected, hopefully my hair cut(it needs it so bad!), and then I will hang with Gilbert some. I will try my best to have the energy left over to post photos...they seem to be in huge demand. That's okay, it's good to have fans! ;)

Hugs to you all, love to you too.