Sunday, February 08, 2009

People Want PHOTOS!

I am working on it. :)

I know I've been quite absent. I miss my blog and my blog friends. I miss a lot of things and many people actually. There is so little time to keep up with everyone. I've had little time to myself as's ridiculous.

I work 10 hour days now and it takes a lot of my energy, but I LOVE the job. I did manage to get out some this weekend for a little fun with my friend Elliott and some of his friends. This was Friday night. We had a great time and I didn't want to leave such fun company, but I spent a good 24 hours at Elliott's, so needed to get back to the home pad and pay attention to my cat. Ben is with his father this weekend, the first weekend in three weeks solid. I needed the break!

Today I will be getting my car inspected, hopefully my hair cut(it needs it so bad!), and then I will hang with Gilbert some. I will try my best to have the energy left over to post photos...they seem to be in huge demand. That's okay, it's good to have fans! ;)

Hugs to you all, love to you too.

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