Saturday, January 24, 2009

Acccckkkk, it's moving day!

Ok, I'm freaking out just a tad bit here...

I have TONS of stuff left to pack, and I have to make decisions on what to leave behind. It's tough deciding what I can do without because I'm sentimentally attached to a LOT of my things and I have too much. I don't get the truck until this afternoon...which I wasn't happy about, but oh well. Since I have to pack a lot, I might as well get on it.

But I wanted to pop in and write a quick note to everyone first. This may be the last time I post a blog post from my loft in the home I've lived in for 7 years. It's a bit strange leaving here, even though I am thrilled to be doing it. I guess it's a bit on the bittersweet side. I'm not the only one feeling the emotion, so is Ben. He grew up in this house and is having moments of sadness having to leave it. But I'm there for him and he is coping well everything considered.

Night before last I went out on my back porch about 3am for one last listen to my Great Horned Owl friend. True to it's nature, it was there loaning intrigue and mystery to the warm night air. It was gorgeous and I cried a little. I will miss this owl a great deal. It has been a source of comfort for me on many nights.

Well, signing out for now my dear friends. The next time I write I will be writing from my new place. I will take pictures of the whole moving process so you can be glad you are not the one doing it...that is if you aren't glad already! ;)


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trina corina said...

Good luck with everything. Be sure to let me know where you land, if numbers and emails change and all that! I wish you could take your owl! I have one too and I will miss that when the day comes that we move. Keep me posted!