Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jeez it is June already?

Amazing how the time flies when you are living life. My poor neglected blog. So much life lost in memories because I didn't write it down. To anyone out there who still comes by(you poor souls...or fools...not sure which), bless your ever lovin hearts.

So life is rocking along as it always does. The job is still great and I love the company I work for. How wonderful to be able to say that. It's not the work, but the people. I just love the people there.
I'm still living in an apartment but think some changes are on the horizon. Living in the complex has it's pros and cons, but the reality is this doesn't feel like home to me. It feels like transition and I'm coming out on the other side of the transition ready to take root.

What does that mean? I'm thinking about buying a house, perhaps even a little property along with it. A few acres would be for the art studio, and a garage apartment. I want a place I can put a killer garden in. I miss my garden. So many missed past times...

...many things to accomplish...can't think about the past. The present seems pretty important at the moment. I'll think about the future in the future...

I'm learning to play pool from my dad. We've done a lot of mending and being taught something from dad is always valuable to me. The man knows how to play pool and I'm finding I might have a little Ray Martin in me. We'll see. :)

I'm also learning how to play darts, although darts moved over a little bit for pool. But wait...what about those trails? They still call...I must find time for nature. I have camped off and on over the past several months, so I am getting out in it some. It is my life's blood and the pull is strong. But hey, think I'll hang out in dark cool places for a while and wait out this dreadful triple digit heat.

I heard from an old friend today and he inspired me to write. Thank you Jesse. It feels good to get some thoughts out in writing. I have so many photographs! They pile up fast and getting them on my blog is certainly on the list of things to do before I die.

Cheers to anyone who sees this,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hello Beautiful Day

Finally the sun is shining and it is warm!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gearing Up for More Camping and Other News

I have a few trips planned in the upcoming months. I've been car camping quite a bit lately but haven't posted much about any of it. The exciting stories are the backpacking ones, and I haven't been backpacking in ages. I will eventually remedy that.

In other news I am in love. It blows me away to write it and still blows my mind to say it out loud. He is a wonderful guy and I've never been treated so amazingly by any man before him. I've been missing a lot in every relationship I've ever had which is increasingly more obvious as time goes by.

I've missed out on a lot, but this man, he has my heart and I'm okay with that. I trust him to take good care of it. I have his too.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Still Alive

and as usual there is so much going on I have no time for my blog. Sorry folks...but here is the update:

still working for a good company

Ben is doing well

my health still sketchy but I'm not letting it stop me

I'm in love

oh and I have gone camping a few times...finally made it enchanted rock about a month ago.