Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dude a Whole Month!

Hi Friends!

Wow, I'm behind. A lot has been going on for the last month...primarily work and taking care of my great kiddo. But I've managed to find time to party with friends and enjoy the things in life that make me happy.

I have a lot of pictures to post! I went to SXSW and Texas Rockfest, listened to great live music, hung out with band friends of mine, and met some way cool people. Krash Karma stayed at the house and it was cool having the chance to get to know Ralf and Niki even better. I met their newest band members Zach and Said, both talented musicians. This band kicks ass my friends...their live show always blows me away, but this last one I saw was the best show of theirs I've seen to date.

Of course I saw One Eyed Doll play several times over the past couple of weeks, once at a house party and twice downtown. Their show is always a crowd pleaser and the fan base is growing by leaps and bounds. Kimberly and PJ(Three) are a big talent that begs attention. I adore them.
They will be on tour and missed in their hometown. I'm on their street team and the only "Doll" in North Austin. I need to organize and recruit some new members to help me promote the band in this part of town...(I'm working on it Kimberly).

In other news, my good friends came over to my place to help me celebrate another birthday. I'm getting younger and younger every year! It's so awesome! Then a few days later my good pal Gilbert came over and cooked me a dinner to die for. On the menu was chili and cornbread. It was the best damn chili and cornbread I've ever put in my mouth! Gilbert is a rockin cook. I love it when a man is competent in the kitchen and can rock my tastebuds.

What else has been going on...

Well I got caught in that big ass hailstorm that swept across Texas Hill Country. I was on my way home from work, on the freeway, in traffic, when it hit. It was terrifying because the hail was HUGE! I had round chunks of solid ice as big as baseballs slamming into my car. It was extremely loud and I was scared to death my windshield would be shattered. It almost was, there are terrible cracks all over. And the body of the car took a solid beating too, looks like a baseball bat in the hands of an angry person went off on my car. I'm more determined than ever to see this car to it's death. Hope it's not too soon! I don't want a car payment. I have no coverage for hail damage *sigh*

Ok, enough's picture time. :)

a beat up old car...from my wreck

My place...view from my bed

My sitting room

View from my kitchen

From my front door

The bathroom

Lemon Poppy Seed cake...Jerry made was delicious!

Good eats...pears,blueberries, and gargonzola

Some of my friends...I love my friends. :)

Some guy in a band at Texas Rockfest. He gave me a cd, I haven't listened to it yet...

Dave, he is a talented photographer and really nice guy. He produces "Dave's TV"...lots of way cool vids of bands and stuff

Dave's wife and my friend, Maryann. She and Dave are good people.

Kimberly performs at Maryann's place. This was taken a couple of weeks back

This is Roni, she is Kimberly and Three's Street Team President. Roni is a way cool gal and quite talented herself. It was good to meet her. Maybe she can help me organize the North Austin Dolls Street Team.

PJ(Three) Kimberly's drummer. He is a freakin awesome drummer!

Kimberly's rad new boots. I love 'em!

Here she comes...

In my lap going crazy!

And there she my lap and into a back bend

Perched on the back of the couch for a moment

and down she goes, rocking her little rock and roll heart out...we all love Kimberly's show antics. Dawg she is hard to photograph...always on the move...

Maryann took this of me in her back yard during the Austin Music Award celebration she hosted for OED. Several bands played that was so much fun!