Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers Dos

Took the kiddo to see this today because he loved the first one and begged me to take him to the second. I nodded off a couple of times, and raised my eyebrows a time or two. Some of the subject matter was way more brazen than I expected. Not appropriate much for young kids. Usually I see a movie first before I let him see it...should have this time. Fortunately the adult situations were probably a bit over his head.

I took him to Walgreens first to buy him some candy since it is more in my budget...we all know what a rip off movie prices are. Ben wanted this toy phone that had candy in it. It turns out this toy phone is crazy annoying. Ben behaved in the theater of course, and he kept the phone quiet during the movie. He was following the rules of turn your cell phone off which I found amusing and endearing all at the same time. He's a great kid...

Now on to the crazy part. On the way home from the movie, he was making music with that thing by pushing certain tones and sounds. He was singing along and having a great time. This was the best 1.29 I've spent in some time, at least I thought so until the thing went haywire.
It wouldn't stop making the same loud noise over and over and I tried everything to get it to stop. I eventually sat on it to muffle the noise so we could get home in peace.

Then when we got home, we managed to get it to shut up. But just in case it decides to do that again, I have it buried under stuff so we won't hear it. :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oh BTW...

I saw Belligerent 86 the night I was with my friends Ralf, Niki, Zak, and Said(Sa eed) of Krash Karma.

After KK's show, we went to see B86 across the street at room 710. It turns out that Houston, the singer of Belligerent 86, and I have a friend in common. I know a gal named Devvon, who is best friends with one of my best friends and she happens to be childhood friends with Houston.

Such a small world. Who knew that I would end up meeting and knowing so many amazing people on Red River. I'd seen Houston around at Head Hunters many times, but only knew him as an aquaintence...still only do really. I didn't know he was in a band that another mutual friend had mentioned a time or few. Small World indeed.

So Red River feels like home in many ways for many reasons. I've certainly had some of the best times of my life there watching amazing rock shows. And it's so great that I get to be friends with these bands and hang out on a personal level. It's no good to have musicians as friends if you don't get to hang out with them. This is why I am not ever listening to the radio anymore, and I rarely listen to mainstream music. Although I do find the lyrics to many songs compelling as you can all see.

There is this one band called "Course of Empire". I turned Ralf onto them. I only have one cd, and I don't even know if they are well known or not. I heard about them many many years ago...probably more than ten or so, and bought their cd. It is so great! I'm pleased that Ralf thinks so too. He heard them for the first time over at my place. Ralf is way cool and I adore him and everyone else in Krash Karma. Good people totally.

I told Ralf he should have a conversation with my sister Lynn. He is from the black forest and she lived there for a while. I told him that she speaks German fluently, since she still speaks German to some of her close friends there. Anyway I think she and Ralf would enjoy a conversation.

Heh, yeah it's a long deal. When I write, I don't kid around. You don't hear from me for weeks or even months at a time, and sometimes complain about it. So when you finally do read my posts, you better be enjoying them dammit. ;) And I mean collective you btw.

Okay, so where was I?

music, Red River, friends...

Ah yes...brings me to my next thought process...the outdoors. Well are you surprised? Hahaha, what else do I talk about? So yes, I'm heading out for a much needed camping trip with my good pal Gilbert and the kids. I want him to check out Krause Springs with me. Such a nice little place.

I am long over due for this trip. I have let the pool and Red River pull me away from what I really want and need to be doing. But I have my reasons for not hitting the trails other than the aforementioned stuff. I don't want to go into that though. It's only temporary in the grand scheme of things anyway. My heart is always in the outdoors even when my body isn't. I'm so glad Ben is turning into the outdoorsy kid I was hoping for. It can't be said enough how important the outdoors is to a growing young boy. For girls too! Can't forget that.

But he will be a wonderful trail buddy when he is strong enough to survive if he had to ever be in that kind of situation. I won't get him too far off the beaten path these days...but absolutely I do my best to get him involved in nature in one way or another.

He loves his pet snake Jasmine. She is such a pretty girl. She shed her skin yesterday and is ready for more mousies. yummy

Your Big is the full song...goes out to you folks gettin married...Enjoy

"Big Day"

It's your big day, your big day
So you want to tie the knot
Tie it tight, don't let it rot, the memory of this day
Are you deafened by the bells
Could be heaven, could be hell
In a cell for two
Big day come and big day go
Life goes on after the show
But will your love have the fire and glow
Like on the big day
Statistics they don't say a lot
But can you keep what you have got forever together
There's a lesson to be learned
Many fingers have been burned with the touch of gold
Love can come and love can go
What your chance is I don't know
But if you have love then let it show like on the big day
You're a new recruit
The big day
in your wedding suit today
Like on the big day
yes you're looking fine
The big day
sign on the dotted line
The big day
it's your wedding march today

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finally it's Official!

I'm divorced!!!! I am so happy and relieved it's over. I'm going to celebrate tonight with my good friend Azzura and I'll probably have a party at some point. Marriage is over rated...and if you are thinking about getting married...well good luck to you.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Krash Karma

Went to see my friends play last night at Red Eyed Fly on Red River and then late that night we came back here for hot tubbing and swimming. Much needed after a sweaty night on the town...lots of mosh pits to run around in...

Sunday, June 07, 2009

My Days are Filled with

Work, taking care of the best little boy in the world, keeping the homestead clean, swimming, getting tan, spraying sunscreen all over Ben and myself, visiting with pool friends, paying bills, buying snake food, watching Ben color or draw, feeding the cat and giving her enriching things to do, feeding fish and a bottomless pit of a crawfish, cleaning tanks, cooking, driving, messing around on the computer, reading, talking on the phone, doing laundry, shopping, and on and on it goes...

Life is full and I am in a reasonable place. I have many good fortunes to look forward to. But I do crave the simple life. I crave the back country and want to visit wild places outside of my dreams. It is coming, but I need to be patient and let it all unfold. Ben is a real nature lover and he can't wait to go out camping again. He will need to practice some patience too. It's good to learn delayed gratification.

I saw an owl the other night, a Great Horned owl. Beautiful sight! Of course I couldn't help but be reminded of the one I left behind in the old neighborhood. The birds are prolific here at the apartment and at work. I saw an Oriole at work the other day while on my lunch break, and several other species as well. I like to sit and watch them when I can. Our office site is quite nice and I see a lot of nature there. Deer are always in the area as well as frogs, and fish too.

I'm thinking about getting a tarantula, but that is going to have to wait. I want one that is the size of a dinner plate and wear it like an accessory, The kids will love it! But it will be costly and there are other things more pressing. Someday, someday.