Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day with Dusty

Yesterday Dusty kidnapped me and we went to Barton Creek for a bit of relaxation. The weather was perfect. Dusty read a bit and wrote, while I played in the waters amongst the rapids and boulders. We enjoyed talking to fellow Austinites about how cool our town is and exchanged a few phone numbers.

Yep she was a flowin

Ara's camera

Such a goofball

Nice tatts

I want to invent a new sport...under water boulder crawling

This is great!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blanco State Park


Lots of cool nature encounters of the more creepy crawly variety, Good place for family fun

Road noise

Blanco according to the natives is pronounced "blank-0", and if you say it any other way you will label yourself immediately as not from around those parts. It is a tiny town but seems to have a pretty big welcome mat. The state park that Blanco houses is about the size of a pencil eraser compared to the other Tx state parks I've been to.

But its smallness is much of the charm the park holds. I met a couple of the resident campers and got the scoop of who is who and what is what. The rangers were very nice and so was everyone else I had encountered there. I stayed this past Friday and Saturday night and slept once again in my new tent. I am very glad I'm getting experience with it before heading out to more serious adventure.

I wrote a dumb little poem while I was in my little tent. It goes like this:

Crawdad don't pinch me
Don't sneak up on me with claws open wide
You can forget about it
Dragon Fly watches as I run and hide

Bullfrog listen
Why do you have to be so loud?
Someone else might want a word in edgewise
Might want to speak to the crowd

Bullfrog doesn't care
He wants to hear himself speak
Droning in his own purr
Another audience we will seek

We have found Perch and Snake
Both such close friends
They dance together in moonlit lake
Swapping stories of where they've been

All the while crawdad grumbles around
Looking for someone new to pinch
Dragon Fly hovers trying to make no sound
My cover is brilliant what a cinch

I had a fun time looking at a five foot long snake one night while I was there. It was awesome! I was down at the water's edge at night with my flashlight. I love walking near water at can see so much wildlife that way. I was shining the light into the shallows and was shocked to see so many huge crawdads strolling along the bottom. I could have easily caught at least 70 of those suckers that night there were so many.

As I was busy counting and dreaming of crawfish etouffe, a HUGE water snake came from the shadows into my light. It swam straight for me. I gathered it was curious about my flashlight. It stopped about 12 inches away from my toe and poked its head up out of the water to have a look. Satisfied, it veered off to my right, it's long body gliding slowly by. I don't think it was a venomous snake but I wasn't entirely sure. I stood my ground and waited for it to pass.
The crawdads didn't seem to care about the snake in their way. They continued to amble along clumsily.

I saw a coyote on Friday night. It came VERY close to me as I was sitting on a picnic table about 1 am in the morning having a fun conversation with a gal I met whose parents live in the park. We talked about aliens. I was listening to a story when my peripheral vision caught a white blur of fluid movement passing by to my right merely feet away in the shadows of the tree line we were sitting in front of. It was an ALIEN!!

I stood up quickly and shined my light to find no aliens, but one lone coyote that was more white than brownish gray. I have never seen such a light colored coat on a coyote before and it surprised me. The animal stopped about 15 feet away and turned its head to look at me. I stood still wondering if there was going to be any trouble. Coyotes rarely get so close to people, but it stood there a good pause seemingly unafraid. I wondered if this one was used to hand outs or something. Anyway, it turned and walked on.

At that point we decided it was a good time to turn in for the evening. My arms had goose bumps and I had an adrenaline rush. It took a while for me to settle down enough to fall asleep after listening to scary alien stories, which are probably not typical camp fire stories, and having such a close encounter with a ghostly looking coyote. As I slipped into that drowsy state, I listened to the trees launch the occasional missile. They rained acorns and stuff the whole time we were there. It was peaceful though and luckily no one got hit on the head!

I saw plenty of other creatures on the trip as well, including a small tan scorpion which reminded me of one my mother got stung by years ago...made her sick. I was attacked by a grouchy praying mantis that didn't like the rude intrusion of my flash light and peering stare. It cocked its little head to one side, then the other, and suddenly hurled it's spread out body towards my head. I jumped and let out a surprised yelp hahahaha and laughed a good one at myself. I pet some cute kittens that belonged to the girl I was chatting with when we saw the coyote. Oh yeah, the lama. I had a face to face chat with a lama that liked to smell my hair. As you can see for a weekend of doing just about nothing, a lot was going on.

Another thing I wanted to mention before adding the pictures is the bowling club cafe that we had dinner at Saturday night. The food was fantastic! It was down home southern cooking at it's finest. In the back of the cafe was the coolest vintage bowling alley! They have generations in the town who have all stacked the pins during the games when they were kids. What an interesting history. I failed to bring my camera to dinner though and am sad I didn't get to take pictures of that place and the food we ate. But I am going to visit again, this time with Ben. He will like it there...and it is a good excuse to go back and pick up some pictures I missed.

Speaking of's picture time! Yay!

The river was nice

Nice shady spot but I ended up moving to the other side of the branches for deep shade

You look marvelous dahling

This broad likes to pose for the camera

This is private property next to the park. The sheep are used for meat.

And what park is complete without geese? These were a noisy bunch! They got excited a few times during the night...might have been the gray fox bothering them. The park ranger said one was on the property and it liked to bother the chicks...I'm assuming there were hens on the property too, although I didn't see any.

This was how clear the water was in the shallows and why I was able to see so many crawdads at night. Part of the shallows was solid cement and rock.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Some Would Raise an Eyebrow

Went to a fun cozy little place tucked away next to Spider House called "The United States Art Authority", which is a liberal arts place in Austin that I just discovered thanks to my friend Piph. She invited me out and I took the opportunity to bring a date and had a great time. The show was totally up my alley and feeds me inspiration for a blog I've been considering putting together. I was unsure if I wanted to do it, but now I'm like yeah let's do this thing! The new blog has to pretty much stay out of the family viewing arena though. I need to figure out how to make it all anonymous and stuff. Some things you just don't want your family to see. Sorry loved ones.

Anyway, the show was called "Bed Post Confessions" Salacious stories and enticing entertainment. Salacious. I like that word and I like this town. The culture is rich here and the people diverse. One thing is certain, as an artist I need many colors on my palette of life or I get bored. And if you get bored in this town you are not doing something right.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Lovin the Rain!

We are getting a huge downpour in the fair city of Austin Texas and I love it. I look forward to the creeks drying up after all the rain is gone and do some fossil hunting in a very secret place. I also look forward to camping at Blanco in the very near future. Hopefully the river will be down enough and the place isn't flooded out. We shall see...

In other news, Ben was sick today and had to stay home from school. I think he has a stomach virus, but one can never be too sure about these things. He is doing much better now.

I'm getting on FB a little more, trying my damndest to keep up with everyone, but that place is crazy and I'm saddened that keeping up with people means signing onto a is what it is. I must join the 21st century...but I'm afraid I will be assimilated.

Not much else to report at the moment...peace out

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Can't Go Outside To Play

The weather is stellar and I'm stuck in the house with a nasty cold. On the up side however is the fact that I'm getting some computer time in and paying attention to my blog. I'm sure those of you who are left will appreciate it. :)

Soon the blog is gonna have a new look. Dusty came over the other day and showed me his latest web site he did, and I want my blog to be similar. It has been in need of a make over for years. He has done an excellent job of teaching himself how to do web design. Self taught is where it's at in my book.

In other news...

Work is great and I love my co-workers. What an excellent bunch of people to work with! The mortgage industry is a very interesting animal and I have been learning a ton. I will be heading to Blanco SP soon with a couple of my coworker friends who are also crazy about camping. I'm looking forward to it.

I managed to update Ben's blog with a post. For those of you who have access feel free to check it out. If you don't have access and want it, and you qualify to get it, email me. I will direct you to it. You should know immediately if you will qualify or not. Basically if you are not a friend or family member you can't see it and you won't know who Ben is anyway, so are not missing out.

My hair is growing back in some of the places it fell out. Wow I'm lucky I had plenty of hair to spare! I still have no clue why I've been having these health issues in the first place, but I'm still searching for answers and will eventually get to the bottom of it all. I had another test done for Celiac and it came back negative again.

I've been talking to my dad. That is a big update I know. Despite the past, I love my dad and always will. I refuse to dwell on what was and am moving forward where he is concerned. Ever hear of a clean slate? Wish you had one sometimes? I think we all do. Everyone deserves to prove themselves.

I recently discovered chewy sweet tarts...they are da bomb

I am still missing my man in the desert. He is staying for burning man and probably won't be back until late September. Who is this mystery man anyway? I've been tight lipped about him I know. Someday I will dish the scoop and reveal will be a good story!

Thomas called me a while back. Can't remember if I posted anything about that or not. Wow that is a big one too huh? He is good and just finished up a big trip in Glacier National Park. Go check out his All Things Fried site for pics. You can even see a pick of the woman he married. In all honesty I am so glad he found her. They seem well suited for each other. I am happy for him for real. We should always wish the best for those we love, even if it means their paths are far from ours. I still love you Thomas and always will...I'm truly glad you are having a wonderful time! :)

And remember folks, be careful what you ask for. The universe is very willing to bring you what you want.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010