Thursday, September 09, 2010

Some Would Raise an Eyebrow

Went to a fun cozy little place tucked away next to Spider House called "The United States Art Authority", which is a liberal arts place in Austin that I just discovered thanks to my friend Piph. She invited me out and I took the opportunity to bring a date and had a great time. The show was totally up my alley and feeds me inspiration for a blog I've been considering putting together. I was unsure if I wanted to do it, but now I'm like yeah let's do this thing! The new blog has to pretty much stay out of the family viewing arena though. I need to figure out how to make it all anonymous and stuff. Some things you just don't want your family to see. Sorry loved ones.

Anyway, the show was called "Bed Post Confessions" Salacious stories and enticing entertainment. Salacious. I like that word and I like this town. The culture is rich here and the people diverse. One thing is certain, as an artist I need many colors on my palette of life or I get bored. And if you get bored in this town you are not doing something right.


Anonymous said...

I like salacious too! I wish I knew of a way to get a link to your new blog.


Sharon said...

The web is NEVER anonymous. Anything you put up will eventually be seen/found by anyone. Just keep that in mind.

Ginny said...

You know after thinking about it more, I'm not concerned about whether or not the new blog stays anonymous. I'm just sayin...since when really have I been too concerned about who knows what about my life lol. I'm not the most private person in the world.

And JD anyone at this blog who wants a link to the new blog can have it. All ya gotta do is ask and you did.

I don't have any content yet but as soon as it is ready to go live I will make the announcement.