Saturday, June 21, 2008

Focused on Art

I've been on a huge art streak lately and have been creating like mad. I have more pics to post but probably won't get to it for a week. You know how it is...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our Day at Lions Park, Summer 2008

Jen, our children, and I went to Lions park the other day and spent several hours playing. A while after we had been there, some of Jen's family members came to the park and visited with us while we were there. We all had such a great time. The kids played with water balloons and ran around like maniacs, and we all had fun on the swings. Everyone was beat by the end of the day.

None of these pictures are in order, but my favorites I think are the swing series. Tough to decide though...they're all good. :) I must give credit to Caitlin for getting some shots of Ben while he was on the swing. She stood to the side of him as he was swinging and was able to capture some interesting angles. I think my daughter is turning into a fine photographer.

Calvin getting hammy for me

Brom is teasing his momma, threatening to throw rocks at her

Pow! Calvin giving it all he's got into splatting that balloon!

Brom looking pensive

Jen looking absorbed

Ben looks like he is about to hit warp speed in this shot. :)

I just LOVE happy faces!

Caitlin took this shot

And she took this one

I think this picture is the best one by far out of them all. My kids love each other.

Up up and away she goes...

Wow is all I can say about this.

This kiddo has no worries!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Picture Time...Some Old, Some New

Doe Skin Ranch

Doeskin Ranch

Russell at Doe Skin

Russell again at Doe Skin

Me cooking

Pretty Sky

More Sky


Possum Running Away

Possum Leaving

Lake Whitney Wildflowers

Lone Yellow

Camping with Andy at Lake Whitney

Hmmm, thought it was a copperhead but now I'm thinking rat snake...

One of my Best Friends in the World...Andy

Making breakfeast burritos

Andy's Hands

Smells Good!

What's For Dinner Honey

Ogre Club

Lake Whitney Scenery

Lake Whitney

Ben's Lego Creation

Praying's a big one!

Ben and Ian eat Cake

Blowing out Candles

Kid's doing arts and crafts

I think Ben is excited about his cake

Jen made this cake for Ben's sixth was probably one of the best cakes I've eaten

Spiderman Pinata

For Arts and Crafts

Lola loves sleeping in the sink

Jen and our friend Dianna being silly

Oh what a long day oldest daughter

Caitlin... my Youngest Daughter

Me at Marley Fest

Taken long long ago. Mykel and myself on trail. Thomas took this pic

Jen holds prickly pear fruit

Windy, Jen, and Ram

Roland! He's the big and tall type. We were amazed he got in this little thing!

Heavy Chess Game Going On

Happy Jen

The Dock

Old pic from caving a few years back


The Road to Peace and Quiet

Lost Maples backpacking

Just beautiful!

My Sweet Little Boy!

Zilker Park Grackles

Bath Time Everyone! Get in the Water is Fine!

My Favorite Dogs! Mercedes and Angel

Camp Tejas

Ben loves that Ipod!