Saturday, June 07, 2008

Things are Usual.

It's starting to sound cliche every time I say I'm busy, but the truth is I AM BUSY! The whirlwind of life never ceases and I can barely catch my breath at times. Being a mom during the summer has many demands. It requires an unusual amount of activity planning, quick thinking, imagination, creativity, patience, calm assertive energy, and physical ability. By the end of the day I'm worn out.

But it's a good worn out. I've been outside every day and despite my efforts to keep my skin shielded with hefty amounts of sunscreen, I'm getting browner. I shy away from the sun's unrelenting rays when I can during the heat of the day, but lately it hasn't been possible. It's all good though. I feel it's important to be able to withstand heat and build as much tolerance towards it as possible. I feel the same way towards the cold too.

There is water involved in our daily activities. Going to pools, sprinkler parks, playing with the sprinklers in our own yard, etc... Ben is enjoying the freedom of summer and spending time with his friends, which is great, but there is a downside. All this summer fun is expensive and it's more difficult to stay green friendly. Usually I let my yard burn up in the summer since I haven't done any serious gardening in many seasons. To hell with what the neighbors think of it. I know it looks bad but it conserves.

This year however Ben needs a better yard to play in since we will be forced to stay home more to conserve on gas costs. I'm trying to keep it as green friendly as possible. When he plays in the sprinkler I make sure the yard and garden are getting a good watering at the same time. With the cultivating and maintenance I've been doing, the yard is getting better and better.

I'm sure we won't be the only ones feeling the bite of crushing gas and grocery prices this summer. I feel bad for everyone...well except for the idiots who drive big gas guzzling vehicles when it isn't necessary. I mean seriously, if you are the only person and you don't have to have a large vehicle, get rid of your status symbol and help do your part to save the planet for fuck sake. That's a sensitive subject for me...

Anyway, Caitlin and I have been camping off and on in our backyard. Too expensive to travel, so we decided the hell with it, we're going camping anyway. We told Russell and Ben goodbye and headed off to our campsite on our back porch. Talk about roughing it! ;)

We've had a few raccoon visits, and maybe a possum or two as well. During the day, we have a female mocking bird that is almost becoming our camping pet. She has babies somewhere and has been enjoying the dog food that's been on the back porch for Sugar. In the process she has come to the point of having no qualms about getting close to me or Caitlin. She will eat food within inches of our feet and legs. I wouldn't be surprised if we could hand feed her if we chose to, but we won't. I don't want her becoming too friendly with humans. It could be bad for her. Fortunately she knows better than to let the dog or cat near her. They are keeping her afraid of them. She always makes sure they are not around before she comes down to where Caitlin and I sit.

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