Sunday, June 28, 2009

Transformers Dos

Took the kiddo to see this today because he loved the first one and begged me to take him to the second. I nodded off a couple of times, and raised my eyebrows a time or two. Some of the subject matter was way more brazen than I expected. Not appropriate much for young kids. Usually I see a movie first before I let him see it...should have this time. Fortunately the adult situations were probably a bit over his head.

I took him to Walgreens first to buy him some candy since it is more in my budget...we all know what a rip off movie prices are. Ben wanted this toy phone that had candy in it. It turns out this toy phone is crazy annoying. Ben behaved in the theater of course, and he kept the phone quiet during the movie. He was following the rules of turn your cell phone off which I found amusing and endearing all at the same time. He's a great kid...

Now on to the crazy part. On the way home from the movie, he was making music with that thing by pushing certain tones and sounds. He was singing along and having a great time. This was the best 1.29 I've spent in some time, at least I thought so until the thing went haywire.
It wouldn't stop making the same loud noise over and over and I tried everything to get it to stop. I eventually sat on it to muffle the noise so we could get home in peace.

Then when we got home, we managed to get it to shut up. But just in case it decides to do that again, I have it buried under stuff so we won't hear it. :)

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