Saturday, July 11, 2009

One Eyed Doll Tonight...Private Party

Well tonight will be the last private OED party at the Doll House. Maryann has to move to an apartment and obviously Kimberly can't rock us out in an apartment. So we are all sad that our fun little parties at the Doll House are coming to an end. :(

I need to take pictures this time. The last several times I've gone to hang out at the Doll House, I haven't taken any pictures, except in my head. But since this is the last time at Maryann's place I'll have to take a ton of pictures of everyone for sure.

Today I have errands to run. Blech. We need to get mousies for our snakey, I need to grocery shop, and go get a new phone. I've decided to get a Cricket phone for now, but hopefully I will keep the same number. We'll see...

On to other news...

I got a much needed second one. This time I got a HUGE raise, way more than I ever expected. Thank goodness too, because I've been in the poor house quite a bit since I haven't gotten any child suport in a while. Russell has had a very difficult time in the job market and has been struggling with finding and keeping a good job.

Things better improve quick on that front for everyone's sake, but in the meantime at least I can have a little breathing space and can get caught up on bills once my new and improved salary starts coming in. Big things are coming up in the future though. I wish I could spill the beans about it all, but needless to say, it's gonna be awesome and I have to keep it hush hush for a while...

Well the day is getting away from me. I need to do my errands and then get ready for the most awesomest party ever. :)

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