Sunday, July 12, 2009

Freakin Awesome Party!

Veronica and I decided to meet up at the party and got there around 8ish. Things were still being set up and not many people were there yet save for the close few that I know. Veronica, a really nice girlfriend of mine who is my age and divorced with kids, had never been to a party like this, or a One Eyed Doll show. She LOVED it. I so knew she would. She fell in love with Kimberly like everyone else does.

Johnny Flash played first and it was totally over the top fantastic. Johnny has sheer talent. To be entertained in a friend's home with a quaint few people, by the most incredible talent, is too good for words. I love these people and they always light up when I show up on the scene. This isn't a surprise to me, everywhere I go it is like that. People remember my name, they cheer and call out my name. It's almost like being famous dude. I must admit I like the attention.

I inherited this from my grandfather. He taught me how to be gregarious and outgoing. I hope I let him know enough while he was alive, how much I appreciate what he taught me. Everywhere he went, people cheered his name too and treated him like he was someone very special, and he was. I miss him.

The party was just crazy fun. Kimberly and Three played a hot show with visual and physical entertainment that only Kimberly does best. She was in our laps, crawling all over the floor, and running around head banging up a storm. It just rocked!

I'm happy to be on her street team. We are getting ready to get very organized and blow this thing out of the water. Kimberly is going places and we all want to help her get there. She is our friend who shares her art with us and we are fortunate for that. We simply have to be there for her because of what she brings to us.

Veronica was thrilled to experience such a unique gathering. The entertainment could not have been better. I've got posters and cd's if anyone is interested. Just email me.

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