Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stragglers I Should Have Posted a While Back...Pics

Home away from home. Ahhhhhhhhhh good to be in my little tent.

Cool white lichen with black spots. I've never seen this variation before, an exciting find!

Keith loving the trail during our day hike! I actually let him carry the pack for a while. He doesn't know what an honor that is... that pack is my life on the trails, my comfort, my baby! lol

More fun trail for us to enjoy. I LOVE Hill Country!

exotic lichens...I love this stuff. This is definitely a future painting and I already know who is getting it. I'll give you a hint...his name starts with G...and he is a very close friend of mine and I owe him one. This will be a blast to paint! :)

Going uphill...it was fairly steep. Loved it of course. I'd rather go up than down...

Me in winter gear out at Hill Country State Natural area with Keith. We hiked six miles that day in mucho cold wind. Felt like 30 something out...probably was. Anyway, I love my gear! I get so excited when I put that pack on and begin to walk...Damn I look happy!!! I was...the outdoors is most assuredly my element.

I never wrote a trip report...but suffice it to say it was a fantastic trip! Hill Country State Natural area will always be one of my favorite places in Texas to backpack. I was happy to share it with a new friend and love the feeling of accomplishment after hiking those trails.

And now for something completely different...This is Caitlin with our friend Roland and her dog Sugar. Roland and Sugar LOVE each other. Roland only comes to visit the dog really...he couldn't care less about us! ;)

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