Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's Wednesday Already!!

Yep, the week is flying by. I have my utility accounts set up and a U-haul lined up. Now I need to secure renter's insurance before Saturday. I also need to get an internet provider. I am hoping to find a company other than Road Runner, but may have no choice...haven't crossed that bridge yet.

I still have a lot to pack but don't know when that is going to happen lol. I am going to move as much as I can with the u-haul though...the big stuff anyway. I can make a few trips with my car to get the rest if necessary. I'm trying to keep a perspective of this being totally easy. They say moving is one of the most stressful times ever...I say screw that! ;)

Can't wait to get it all done though and have a party!

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Anonymous said...

You better be glad you have RoadRunner. We had Comcast forced down our throats nad we much preferred RR.