Sunday, August 01, 2010

Where to Begin

There is much catching up to do with photos stored on my hard drive. I will post random stuff for a while to get started which appears to be a good place to begin.

My new tent next to the old one. This was taken on a camping trip at Inks lake when I was with co-workers a few short months back. We had a good time. I managed to walk to some familiar spots and reflect back on treasured moments with Thomas when we were last at Inks together.

I can never go to any of these places again without having these memories of our time spent together coming back to me. But compared to a couple of years ago, I can look back with ease and not wince at the pain of it that once lurked in my being. Time can be both cruel and kind.

This goose is having a gander. Hah couldn't resist...anyway, this is at the waters edge at Inks.

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