Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Silver Lining

I think there might be something to that saying "behind every cloud is a silver lining". An amazing turn of events folks...Caitlin is going to get to work on a beautiful horse ranch in Colorado with her Uncle Tim! He's a horse trainer and a damn fine one at that. He has decided he will take Caitlin under his wing and let her work with him on the ranch he manages. She'll get to do practically everything she would have done with the internship and probably more. For one thing, having Tim as her mentor is invaluable. The man is a true horse whisperer and Caitlin would be learning from the best.

What great news. She is so happy and relieved and I'm very excited for her. The ranch she will be working on is set in beautiful scenic mountains with all kinds of wild life everywhere. Here is their website if anyone cares to take a look around...check out the gallery! There are beautiful photos of the rugged country, wildflowers, and of course some wonderful horse shots as well. The whole website was built by my sister and all the photography is hers as well. The title graphic that shows the white mountains, is the view from the ranch. Gorgeous! Wish I could go too! I'd spend all my time exploring. My sister is one lucky chick to be living in surroundings like that.


Sean the Blogonaut said...

Glad to see it all sorted out in the end. Good to see Caitlin gets to do something that might turn out to be a career that she will love.

My wife is in to horse riding, considered buying a rural property so she could.

Me, I only have success in falling off the things

Virginia aka Ginny said...

Yeah I'm actually envious of Caitlin. I love Colorado and I haven't seen my sister and her family in a long time. I'm long over due for a visit.

Sharon said...

Lynn is very excited about Caitlin's coming up to work with Tim!!! She is in for a big surprise when she sees how grown up Caitlin is now. She only remembers her as the little girl the last time she saw her in Kansas.

I love the area of Colorado where Lynn and Tim live. It is one of the most beautiful areas without being so high up in the mountains, yet still have the same feeling and scenery available to them. From their ranch, it is about a 45 min. drive up into some incredible mountain scenery and lakes and tall pine trees. I would love living in that area, I think. Plus, I've always like Colorado Springs which is about 1 1/2 hr. drive from the ranch. Maybe I can move over in that area one day.

Virginia aka Ginny said...

I think Lynn will be very happy to see what a fine young lady Caitlin is turning out to be, and I'm sure Caitlin will impress them all with her riding ability. Lynn has no idea how accomplished Caitlin has become since owning a horse of her own.