Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Today's Pictures

My gardening activities have been slowed down by all the rain, but I have managed to get some done. Eggplants and tomatoes are planted now and my beans are doing well. What fast growers beans are! I hope all the rain isn't going to be too much for my veggie plants. The beans seem to love it, but the eggplant and tomato plants are getting a little yellow. I think they are probably water logged. It's a good thing I garden in raised beds. At least that way they aren't totally drowning right now. Tomatoes and eggplants like water, but they don't like their feet to be too wet for long periods.

If they keep yellowing after the soil dries out for a few days, I'll probably have to do some soil tests to be sure the ph balance and minerals are correct. I may do it anyway though, just to see if anything is lacking. When you grow your own veggies, you want them to have the most nutrient packed soil possible to grow in. Plants ward off disease better when they are super fed and healthy, plus the nutrients in the veggies will be better quality if your soil is great.

No artificial fertilizers will ever come near my garden, so I accomplish soil health by using plenty of home made compost and fish tank water. I also use bat guano on rare occasion in the compost to get it super charged which makes the microbes that break down the matter happy. When the microbes are happy, they are plentiful and plants benefit greatly because the microbes play a key role in bringing nutrients to the plants.

Americas soils are depleted and worn out from all the commercial growing and use of artificial fertilizers and the food in our big grocery store chains are not as nutritious as we'd like them to be. I think it is important for people to buy produce locally from reputable growers who are small and can grow food organically...but that can get expensive. That's one of the reasons I like to grow my own veggies. I can have organic and not have to pay organic prices. I can't wait for fresh green beans and tomatoes!

A male and female Cardinal defend their territory.

That heaping pile used to be in my garden plot! It's going to the compost area soon.

Bean plants are pretty

Two Avocado Trees growing from the compost bin. I need to find out if they will grow well here in Austin. It would totally rock to have my own Avocados growing!

Storm damage or Ben damage? Hmmmm....those blue scissors on the ground look awfully suspicious.

Healthy tomato and avocado plants growing up through the compost bin

Yellowing leaves. I'm fairly sure this is water damage...


Fiery Ewok said...

I wonder if Ben was cutting a bouquet for Mommy?

Virginia aka Ginny said...

could be!

Fiery Ewok said...

lol son's are great. They can have the very sweetest of intentions.

My daughter is with her grandparents and it has been an amazing time rebonding with my son. Getting to know him as a single child and not 2 of 2.

(borg reference. star trek. still a nerd lol)