Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ben Wants to Plant Sunflowers

I used to grow a variety of sunflower in my yard called "Mammoth". For several seasons however I've not gardened very seriously...we all know why...

But Ben misses the big flowers and has requested that we plant some more. He took an interest today in pulling weeds with me and wants us to bring the garden back to life. It will take a lot of work to get it back to where it once was, but it's fun work. The food it produces is worth the effort...especially from a nutritional aspect. And of course nothing tastes better than home grown.

The only drawback to gardening more full time, is the inside of the house will suffer a bit. When I spend hours out in the yard I have less time for the chores in the house. It takes hours to get the garden back in shape, and hours to maintain it organically(without man made chemicals). Food production is serious business. I do enjoy all aspects of gardening from planning to harvest.

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