Monday, June 11, 2007

Up All Night

Had lots of asthma this weekend but last night was the worse. I should have been in the er but since I was there last Sunday I was determined not to go. It royally sucks that my doctor's office doesn't open until 8am and to even speak to a doctor over the phone after hours, they want to charge me 25.00! How ridiculous is that? They used to have nurses that would take your call but now they have the doctors fielding the after hour calls...probably so they can charge the 25.00 and not have to keep a salaried nurse on staff after hours. In any case, I really hate the health care system in pretty much sucks.

So I'm waiting out the clock so I can go stand at the receptionists desk as soon as the family practice clinic is open and get pushy about being seen. They should be able to tell I'm struggling for air and hopefully I'll get a breathing treatment. I get asthma a couple of times a year pretty this isn't new to me.

But the interesting thing is that a friend of mine is in the hospital and has been there for a good week now. I was with him quite a bit last week while he was having all these asthma like symptoms and I kept nagging him to go to the doctor. When he finally went to be seen, they ended up admitting him. I appear to be having the same symptoms despite the doctors saying he doesn't have an infectious disease. I can't help but wonder if they missed something...or perhaps my breathing issues are totally non related and all just a big coincidence.

Well I've managed to kill another hour by writing in my blog and surfing...just one more to go before that doctor's office is open. Hopefully I'll get some relief soon.

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