Thursday, June 21, 2007

Garden Taking Shape Again



It still has such a long way to go. I need to till up the soil to loosen the final roots of grass that established, and to add in compost and additional soil. The pathways need a make over, but I'm not sure yet what kind I want. I've thought of crushed tumbled glass of different colors. That would be striking. The Green Arbor is coming out eventually and I'll put a nicer one in it's place and plant Morning Glories all over it.

The dead Willow tree in the back ground is something I'm not sure what to do with yet. I could have it removed, but I'm thinking of shaping it myself and turning it into some sort of sculpture. I'll cut away most of the branches, but then I think I might carve the rest into a large gnarled looking tree gnome and hang very pagan looking things around it. What do ya'll think?


Fiery Ewok said...

I love the idea of you turning Old Man Willow into something cool! I'll bet if you took a picture of it, you could play around with a variety of ideas for it in a photoshop type program.

Sounds like a neat project!

Virginia aka Ginny said...

Yeah, I've been wondering what kind of wood Willow is like to work with. I wish I still had my old set of wood chiseling tools. They were the good ones and I have no clue what happened to them, but they would be so handy about now.

Carving a face is going to be so much fun. I need to draw one out first and I want Caitlin and myself to both shape how it looks.

By the time it's finished, I hope to have a sculpture that is polished in places and rough in others. I want it to have copper pieces and in-laid "jewels". I can use marbles, glass, tiles, etc...and place them to look like my tree guy is wearing elaborate costume...

The cool thing about the copper is that in time it will patina and make the whole thing look old and foresty. I might even grow some kind of vine around the whole thing.

That's my vision for the Willow. It was given to me on my birthday by a good friend, and Caitlin and I planted it together. It is sentimental.