Saturday, June 30, 2007

All Hail the Almighty iPhone!

I saw one tonight and now I want one really bad. That thing is totally amazing and I can't even imagine the technology that went into it. I just know it's totally bad ass and I have to have one. I hope the cell phone gods will be kind and bestow one on me someday.

Here is a totally hilarious comic strip Player Vs Player that Russell and I enjoy. The link I provided will take you to a side splitting comic strip about the iPhone. Keep hitting the "next" button until you go several pages to read the whole thing. It spans several days worth of comics all the way to Fri June 29th, but it's all the same sketch up to that point. Thomas you in particular will get a kick out of it. Enjoy folks!


Atheist in a mini van. said...

I'm sooooo not a technophile. I saw a demo on the new Iphone and I really have no interest. Maybe it's because I'm home most of the time, but...seriously, why do I need a movie, 240 pictures, and 400 songs just to go to the grocery store? LOL

Me said...

You can also access the internet just like that with a touch on the screen. You can make photos smaller or larger again by simply touching the screen! Did I mention how amazing the graphics are?

I can see how a busy person who is on the go a lot would find this phone very useful.

Heh, when I got home last night and gushed on about how great this phone is, Russell had one word for me...Geek. :)

Poodles Rule said...

I want one too, but I will wait until they come to t-mobile and drop in price. But I'm a nerd.