Sunday, June 10, 2007

Another Awesome Trip Under the Belt!

Inks Lake delivered. I don't know if I've ever seen such a spectacular display of wild flowers in my life. I saw varieties I've never seen before and asked Thomas to take a picture of a couple of things for me. Hopefully I'll be able to share them soon. There were some very interesting mushroom varieties too. It will be fun to try and identify them. I'm just sick that I didn't have my camera along.

The first day of our trip we went to the Devil's Watering Hole and swam in a nice stream with a very nice waterfall cascading down over giant smooth rock into a natural pool below. Under the water were boulders that were quite large. The place was stunning. That water fall was fantastic to sit in, but it was swift and a couple of times I tumbled off the rock into the pool from the force of the water pushing me over smooth slippery rock. It was big fun and I have a nice bruise to show for it.

After swimming and sunning at that spot for a while, we picked up our stuff and headed over to another part of the lake that was deeper and we swam for about an hour there. It was very refreshing..the water noticeably colder. I loved every second! A couple of times I dove down underneath into dark murk...kinda spooky. Poor Thomas, he lost his sunglasses in the lake. I wanted so bad to dive down and find them for him, but it was hopeless. They're gone for good unless a scuba diver runs across them some day. It would be a good find...those were some very nice and expensive shades. Hmmm...maybe I should send my sister in law out there to get them. She's into scuba diving now. :)

After swimming, we went back to the car and changed clothes in the parking lot and got our packs and hiking shoes on, readying ourselves for the shortish walk to the primitive camp site. Once in camp we didn't waste any time setting up and getting food made. This time we had a southwestern style dish with rice, sun dried tomatoes, hot peppers, all kinds of spices, some black beans, chicken, and some corn, all wrapped up in hot tortillas. It was kind of like a stew though and quite messy because I added too much water. But damn it was delectable. After dinner I had to go wash up in a stream. I was glad it was there! That was a recipe I made up on the fly early Saturday morning so it wasn't kitchen tested first. But we were quite pleased with the results. I think I'm getting the hang of this freezer bag cooking. I need a kitchen scale now to weigh the meals.

Our campsite was such a peaceful and pretty place. We were treated to the sounds of gurgling water from the brook below us only a few feet away. It was campsite number 3. We will return there again some day I'm sure. It's been so good getting out doors and finding the inner peace and connection with nature that I long for.


Azzurra said...

I have a kitchen scale J. gave me for Christmas. Would you need one to use every day or just every once in a while? It's metric and british and RAWKS.

Virginia aka Ginny said...

I don't know the metric system all too well.