Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Found My Camera Again!

My son had it lol. He decided to take pictures of various things in his room like the wall, part of the table, part of a toy, etc...

Whew! It was found just in time for tonight's festivities. We are having friends over for food, fireworks, and drink. It was a very short notice party and I'm surprised most of the folks we invited could make it. I hope the rain clears up this evening!

Happy fourth everyone!


Fiery Ewok said...

YIPPEE!!!! Wah hoooo!!!!!!

That is just so great! I'm very happy for you!!!!

Was Ben confused when you were doing a happy dance while gently scolding him and asking that next time he put things back where he found them?


Russ said...


I simply adore that photo of you under the leaf. Couple questions: which came first, the blog name or the photo? Did you take the photo yourself?

Hope your festivities turn out all right.

Ginny said...

Hi Russ! Thanks :)

The name came first and I couldn't pass up the photo op. One of my best girlfriends took the pic. The banana trees are mine. :)

And the festivities turned out great. I'm going to write up the story shortly and post photos.

Hold on folks, LOTS of photos to happens after being camera deprived a few days.