Friday, July 06, 2007

Enchanted Rock...Will I Ever Get There?

When I was 17 and totally madly in love with a boy named Andy, he used to tell me about a place called Enchanted Rock that he loved going to. He always made it sound like such a magical area and I was excited about going with him to see it, but of course the relationship ended before he could ever take me there. And in all the years that I've known of this place I've never taken the initiative to go on my own. I sometimes think I may have avoided the place on purpose just so it could always stay this mystery in my mind...

But I might finally get to see what Andy was so excited about all those years ago, as my hiking partner sent me an email earlier this morning saying he has Sunday off and suggested Enchanted Rock for our ritual walk. I hope I'm not disappointed once I get there...if I get there! Thomas could change his mind and decide he wants to go somewhere else, but I'm cool either way.

Btw, I heard from Andy a few days ago! Quite the coincidence huh? In the past 20 something years I have seen him once or twice at the most. I hope to see him again in the near future. We have a ton of catching up to do!


Fiery Ewok said...

I hope that Enchanted Rock is everything that you hope it is, and more! :-)

It is a rare thing in life to be able to turn a fantasy into a reality. I hope it exceeds your expectations!

Ginny said...

Heh, sometimes fantasies are better than reality. But in any case, I'm sure I'll love the place. It's a large batholith dome, in fact one of two of the largest in the country.

I have always loved volcanoes and any thing that has to do with them, including magma pockets, etc...I'm interested. I look forward to some day seeing this rock that is some of the oldest found in North America! Something like 1 billion years old. That's really amazing to me.

Valatan said...

E-Rock is great. And it's nice that it's right by the Fredricksburg wine country, so you can go and grab a couple of local bottles of wine on your way out there :)