Monday, July 16, 2007

Cold Day in Hell Two

I finally have some time to write more about the will be brief though because I have a trip report to write up as well as a ton of other stuff to do today...

There were about 100 people at this party and the house it was in was a huge three story Victorian style home. Each room was unique and very artistic...which I found out most of the people living in the house are no wonder. Each person's room was like a little showcase of that person's creative talent and was impressive. Oh and on one door there was a sign that said you could only go in if you weren't wearing pants. They weren't kidding!

They had a dance room with expensive mixing and sound equipment, plus a projector for playing background movies on the ceiling. I felt like I was in a night club! The music they played was perfect for dancing...I believe it was techno and it could be heard throughout the house. The person who was using the mixing equipment really knew what he was doing with it all and I wondered if he was hired for the party, or if he was just one of the friends having fun.

Next to the dance room was a sitting area with a working arcade game in it, which was popular amongst the party goers. Those who didn't feel like dancing could sit in the arcade room and watch all the action on the dance floor...and believe me, there was plenty of action to watch!

The lighting through out the house was done well too and gave a very ambient night club feel. I wanted so badly to photograph the place, but I didn't have the right equipment to capture the ambiance. Besides that, I would have felt a little funny going around photographing the inside of someone's private home during a party.

I later found out that these parties are a regular occurrence and they have them about every four months and are ALWAYS themed. When it was time for me to leave I thanked the only host I could find, and he told me I was welcome to come back to the next one which I thought was cool. I probably left the place about 2am and the party was in full swing. I hated to leave, but knew I'd better get out of there before I got myself into trouble with a couple of young sexy men who were in hot pursuit making tempting offers! Besides that, I knew I had a backpacking trip the next day and needed sleep. It was the perfect excuse to bid my farewell.


trina corina said...

Sounds like fun! I've been wanting to host a themed party. We had so much fun at that White Trash Party, and you had so much fun with this, there must be something to it! I think it is the anticipation of seeing how creative and silly your friends are! What were some of the other costumes?

Ginny said...

There was a guy with a white t-shirt that he wrote on in black sharpie. It said something like "It will be a cold day in hell before..." and then a list of things. I don't remember what they said though...I didn't get a very long look.

Another guy who was actually one of the hosts, was a battered husband because it would be a cold day in hell before he would ever allow himself to be a battered husband. He had a black eye lol. His friend dressed up as his "battle ax" wife.

There were tons of demons, angels, people with pig noses and wings, and scantily dressed gals in various devil costumes.

Joe said...

And our promised pics of you are where?

Ginny said...

Sorry, not one pic turned out. :(
It was just too dark in the place.