Monday, July 02, 2007

Yesterday's Walk...Barton Creek Greenbelt

I hiked yesterday for the first time in weeks and it felt great. I'm a little sore today but that tells me how much I needed it. I was sitting around the house trying to decide if I wanted to clean, garden, or walk, and of course walking won out...I'm so glad I could scrape up a couple of friends to go with. I'll walk alone if I have to, but much prefer friends to be along.

We went to Barton Creek and the water was flowing strong which is something I've never seen down there before. All the times I've been there, the creek beds were bone dry, so it was a total treat to see it like that. Oh and it was so beautiful too! I'm sick that I didn't have my camera along. That darn thing has disappeared telling when I'll find it next. If I believed in ghosts, I'd swear one was playing tricks on me.

People were out everywhere playing in the rapids. We played in the water too. There were several people zipping by in their kayaks which was kinda fun to watch...we even saw one guy lose it in the rapids! The water was the perfect temperature and it was crystal clear even with all the people in it. Barton creek has solid rock river beds with river pebbles, rocks, not much stuff to get stirred up in many places.

We tried to walk a long time, but the trail ended up dead ending into the water with no way to get around. I was driving to the park but Jerry showed us a back entrance that I've never seen before, so I'm unclear exactly where on the creek we were. We turned around and went back the other way but didn't go too far before we found another cool spot to play in the water. It was getting late and time to head home at this point, so we didn't get to walk much further. We probably only got about two or three miles under our belts, but we did a ton of boulder hopping and current fighting, which made up for lack of distance.

It was the perfect introductory hike to get back into the swing of things since my illness. I am going to walk three more times this week and hopefully I'll be ready to hit the trails more hard core soon. I am planning on camping this weekend and want to be ready. I miss it so much!!


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Tried to convince Alison to go camping but its too cold. Did you get photo's of your hike?

Ginny said...

No I really wanted photos but my camera is missing again. :(

Fiery Ewok said...

Too cold? It still gets up to 80*F during the day there....I see it gets down to 49*F at night though that is a bit chilly. Don't you have some protective survivalist type plan in place for when it gets cold out and you go camping?

Seems to me I remember you mentioning something about that on my blog. Hmmmmmm...

Blogging is always a warm activity. Maybe Alison could try that instead? I would like to meet the Blogonaut's mate. :-)

We'll play nice, honest!

Ginny said...

I love to camp in the winter time. Thomas and I had some cold nights that got down into the upper 20's.

I can only remember one camping trip where I got pretty cold. Condensation had built up in my tent and I got damp.

But I've since learned how to keep condensation down. I look forward to more winter camping.