Friday, July 06, 2007

"A Bad Idea" Played Last Night

I went to Headhunters downtown last night to be supportive of a band called "A Bad Idea". I've talked about them before. There are three of them in this band and they are all 15 years old. I know of them because my daughter was smitten with one of the boys a while back and he would come to my house often.

Anyway, last night was their first serious gig and they were so excited and nervous. I thought they played well though, even though they quickly realized they didn't have enough material! They made up a song on the spot and rocked it out pretty good. That's true rockers for ya. Here are a couple of pics of these little darlins...

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Ginny said...

Btw, I'm sorry to say I never did get a good picture of the drummer. He's a real sweet kid.