Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Inner Space Caverns Today

My friend Jen called me up early this morning and asked me if Ben and I would like to join her and her kids for a little cave tour at Inner Space. Of course I didn't hesitate...I LOVE caves. I've been to this cave many times on their standard tour, but I never get tired of it. I still plan to do their wild cave tour in the near future, amongst a few others.

The kids had a blast of course...here are a few pics...

The boys

Unusual Formations

Flow Stone with pools of water

More Flow Stone

This is at the bottom of the last flow stone pic shown above. The water in caves is crystal clear of course due to being filtered through all the limestone rock. Calcite is the mineral responsible for these formations.

One of the rooms

More funny looking formations

Coming back out of the cave into the light above

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trina corina said...

Ooooo! The cave seems much wetter than the last time I went! Did you see any bats this time?