Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ugh, Get Out!

Ok, so tonight I'm driving home from Jen's and when I come to the intersection where I had my accident (I was being very careful this time to not turn left from the middle turn lane) and I'll be damned there were signs! And guess what they said? Left lane may only go left, middle lane can go left or straight, right lane only turns right. Can you believe that shit? They were brand new signs, and the streets were painted too.

I think I have a good case to argue here and think I will contact a lawyer. Had those signs been there I wouldn't have had that accident. And they WERE most definitely there before I had the accident....for months and months, no years, those signs have always been there just like that. I feel like that accident wasn't really my fault.

What say you?


Lynn Kinsey said...

I think both you and that guy would have a case against the city for not having temporary signs up. Did you take any pictures? I would talk to an attorney. Definitely!

Valatan said...

Sounds to me like it was his fault. He might have a case against the city, but if the road was under construction, his his responsibility to pay attention. If you had your turn signal on, I can't see what his claim is going to be.

Not to mention, if he was going straight out of a left only, wasn't his lane going to end on the other side of the intersection, anyway?

Richard said...

Hey Ginny,

I presume there were two lanes, at least, to turn onto. The guy who you collided with should have been turning into the left most lane for the direction you were both taking, you would have had to turn into the second one from the left.

Whichever one of you turned into the wrong lane of those two options would probably be considered at fault, by standard rules of the road. Of course, if, as Valatan suggests, the other driver was planning on going straight, then he would be totally at fault. Hopefully there is evidence.

It certainly calls for legal support. The trouble is the lawyers usually win first, in money.

Sam said...

I told caitlin about this and she couldn't really rememeber if there were signs there but I could. I pay attention to random things like that.You should of had a camera handy it would really help you if you do decided to make a case against the city. If theres one thing I can remember from Drivers ed is in a emergency kit you should have a diposable camera that way you can take pics of the accident.

Joe said...

I don't think the case is really with the city, as your next post discusses. It wouldn't surprise me for the insurance companies to have the bigger arguement on this. Of course they'll raise your rates, we're in the wrong business.