Friday, March 02, 2007

Camping this Weekend at Hill Country State Natural Area

This weekend's trip is going to be a lot of fun I have a feeling. I'm particularly excited because it looks like my close friend Elliott will be able to come with us this time. He has been wanting to go for months but hasn't been able to because he's always working on the weekends. Finally he has some time off. Also my daughter wants to go and is very excited that she is getting the opportunity. I have another friend Amber who wants to go too, but she might have to work. We'll see.

The place we are going is near Bandera Texas and is very pretty. I thought I had a hike write up from the last time I was there, but couldn't find it. I was sure I had pictures too but can't fine those either. Bummer...I was wanting to look over the photos and share them with everyone before we left to wet our pallet.

Oh so much to do to get ready and so little time. I sense a trip to REI coming on. :)

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