Sunday, March 25, 2007

Camping at Bastrop State Park

Keryn (my sister in law), my son Ben, and I, went on a little over night camping trip yesterday. I wanted to camp in the forest so chose Bastrop SP. I'll probably not camp there again unless it's back country. The camp sites are too close to the highway and all I heard all night were trucks and cars. That sucked balls, but I know it's part of the territory when camping family style.

The other bothersome part of the trip was when a bunch of dads with their prissy little girls, at least 50 of them, showed up in the campgrounds. They identified themselves as "Indian Princesses". Gag! Obnoxious prissy little brats is more like it. They left the women's bathroom a horrid mess(I'll spare the details), which was not that way before they arrived. To make matters worse, they screamed and hollered for at least two hours before they moved on. Thankfully they didn't camp right there...that would have been too much for me.

How I long for a decent backpacking trip away from trucks, cars, and Indian Princesses. The LST weekend that's where I'll be hopefully.

On a positive note, Ben had a great time and that made me happy. He played on the playground for several hours and enjoyed roasting marshmallows, eating junk food, and playing in the tent. He was filthy from a day of play outdoors and enjoyed having a shower to clean up before bed. I then had to contend with the most wiggly four year old ever for the next couple of hours as he tossed and turned. He kept getting his sleeping bag messed up and I'd have to help him straighten it out. This went on what seemed like forever, but finally he zonked out. I was quite happy for the opportunity to relax and wait for sleep.

This morning we got up very early and headed for home. I was happy to do so since I knew I'd be walking later on to get some much needed exercise. Ben didn't want to hike and I didn't want to force him. I'd rather he enjoy the outdoor experience so he'll want to continue going without having bad memories of being made to hike and make him not want to go on trips.

Oh and the "green slime" that covered Thomas's car when he was in the piney forest covered mine too this trip. It's really just pollen, but a thin layer of green muck none the less.

Ahhhhh, Pine Forest. I love the carpet of pine needles on the forest floor.

Home sweet home away from home

Lots of stuff

I made fire. It was hard rubbing those two sticks together for so many hours...Ha! Had ya goin there for a second. ;)

Auntie Keryn and Ben enjoying a roasted Artichoke. They were tasty.

Ben getting assistance with marshmallow roasting

Notice the foil wrapped artichoke roasting in the fire

Mmmm, now it's smore time. Man it looks like all we did was eat eat eat!

That's a happy camper.


Joe said...

You can't start a kid camping too early in life. Good for you.

Virginia aka Ginny said...

Yeah, I think it's important too. I want Ben to appreciate nature and the good 'ol outdoors. :)

Anonymous said...

Did you ever call the Indian Maidens people?

Virginia aka Ginny said...

No I got distracted of course and forgot all about it.

Sean the Blogonaut said...

Be thankful it was Indian Maidens and not "crazy tatooed freaks" lighting fires with aerosol cans 3 metres from your flamable tent.


Good to see you gettin' the boy out in nature before it all disappears.

Virginia aka Ginny said...

[i]Be thankful it was Indian Maidens and not "crazy tatooed freaks" lighting fires with aerosol cans 3 metres from your flamable tent.[/i]

Ok, I have to you have first hand experience with "tatooed freaks"?

[i]Good to see you gettin' the boy out in nature before it all disappears.[/i]

I am trying to be more optimistic that people are for the most part getting a clue and are starting to improve the planet we occupy. At least it is my hope. I don't know if that is going to be enough to save our planet or not, but I hope it at least slows down the deterioration measurably.

The alternative path is devastating and one reason religion is extremely dangerous. People don't understand how living in their fantasy of a god taking care of everything is a terrible form of denial. That kind of mindset is getting mankind into trouble.

The care of the earth isn't vital or at the very least important enough in their lives to give much thought to. They think the planet is disposable or something. It angers and saddens me greatly.

I have a trip report to write up. I went to Lost Maples over the weekend and it was a sweet trip. I hope my blog reaches some folks and makes them think a little more about the natural world and the preservation of it.

Sean the Blogonaut said...

"Tatooed Freaks" occurred on our last camping trip.

Not that I have anything against tatoos but one of these guys had way too much skin art and zero brains.

Hopefully his inherent stupidity wipes him out of the gene pool and not someone else.

Emailed you by the way

Sean the Blogonaut said...


Can't seem to comment on the blog post that comes after this. Have you got comments turned off?

Virginia aka Ginny said...

Hmmm, odd about not being able to comment on the next post. I haven't changed anything that I am aware of. It could have been a glitch?

Virginia aka Ginny said...

Well I investigated and sure enough a setting must have been changed. Anyway, you can comment now if you still care to. :)

ikimom said...

Your cute little camper eating smores looks about the same age as my son when I first tried to offer him a smore on a campout. His reply: "No thanks, mom, can I have an apple please?" Imagine my horror! Hahaha...not that there's anything wrong with a good crispy apple. He likes them now of course. He's been a camper since he was a baby, just like me.

Virginia aka Ginny said...

Hi Ikimom! Thanks for commenting. I always love meeting folks, especially other moms who like to camp. Feel free to comment again. It's fun to get to know people this way. :)