Friday, March 16, 2007

The Whirlwind Continues...

The next place we ended up was Room 710. We listened to the tail end of a band I don't know the name of and then moved on fairly quickly to Head Hunters. While there we saw a band called "Suicide Holiday" and drank a couple more drinks. Things were starting to blur all together at this point as I tried to recap the days events so far. Anyway, the band was good and I enjoyed their show quite a bit. They had a pretty female drummer who I'd say seriously knew how to rock out on the drums, and their lead singer was this cute guy with dreads that went down past his butt. We watched their show from a bird's eye view which was an interesting angle because when the lead singer would jump, his dreads would fly up all around him. It looked cool from up top.

Then I believe we went back to room 710 and watched Pat Todd, which turned out to be seriously great music and I'm now a fan of yet another band I never knew existed. After that show, Thomas asked me if I'd like to see a mind fuck of a band and of course I didn't hesitate to say yes. We went over to a bar called Plush to see "Rubber Robot". When we got there, two guys were playing their heavy metal music and the bar was almost empty. They were playing their hearts out though. At the end of their show, I chatted up the drummer(I like drummers) and found out he was also an artist. He offered me the backdrop for their set up, which was a largish white board with a black skeleton bull painted on and the words "Plastic Assassin" written down the sides. I was thrilled with the score but I didn't want to carry it with me the rest of the day and left it at the bar behind the counter. Unfortunately I never did get to return and retrieve it, so lost it.

Win some lose some...back to "Rubber Robot"...the mind fuck band. Yes indeed, I'd say that is an accurate description. I fell in love with "Rubber Robot" and am going to see them play again on Saturday night. This band had a psychedelic sound layered over heavy metal. It was something I've not heard before and instead of a lead guitarist, they had this guy playing a Theramin, which is this bizarre instrument with a bizarre sound and I had never seen one before. I couldn't even begin to describe it really, but it's spacey sounding and I thought the guy played it very intensely. One of the best parts of this band was their gimmick. They all wore matching plastic horse heads and the whole affect was freaaaaaaky! They way the moved their heads and bodies to their music was fascinating to watch.

Thomas and I left Plush and walked the 10 or so city blocks back to his place, where we would part ways until time to meet up the next morning so he could finally get started on his LST trip. I don't remember exactly what happened, but I ended up sticking around and not going home...I had caught the South by SW fever. Thomas and I ate a snack, we rested, then we walked back downtown in the evening for more. I can't even tell you what bands we saw but we didn't stay out late because both of us still had to get up early the next morning and meet up at the Texaco again so he could finally begin his LST trip.

Whew! If you have read this far dear reader, you are a glutton for punishment. I'm long winded today and don't want to stop writing but must take a break again. I still have to write about the actual trail angel experience I had. In fact you are getting blow by blow descriptions almost hot off the presses! It's Friday afternoon, and Thomas completed his trip already at least a day early! There are some interesting details regarding that. I'm heading out again tonight for more music festival fun and I still have to write about my phone call earlier today with Thomas and describe everything he told me about his experience out in the wild. He has quite a story to tell too. I'll be back...

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