Sunday, March 18, 2007

Various Pictures....

Trail Angel Photos First try (Wednesday 03/14/2007)

My car and Thomas's car as we are gassing up for the trip

Taking off...
Weather not looking so great...

But we're going anyway...Actually it wasn't long after this shot was taken that we aborted the trip for that day. I never imagined I would end up at South by instead. But as one can see, the weather was all wrong.

Back at Thomas's new place. This is a creek that runs by his back patio. It was flowing that day and the water sounded quite peaceful. We rested up a bit before heading back out for a day of music fest. The contrast between the quiet of Thomas's place and the intensity of sounds from live music was pretty amazing to me.

Day Two...second and final attempt

As you can see, the weather isn't looking much better, but this was primarily fog and would clear. The drive was exceptionally pretty. Unfortunately I didn't take any other fog pictures when I should have, but I suppose driving and picture taking probably isn't a great idea, especially in fog!

We made it and there is sunlight even!

Where Thomas would be hiking back to. He reported that his car was covered with a ultra thin layer of green slime.

Water for caching and Thomas's pack.

Water Stash...see the little trail note?

This notice from the Forestry Service warns of the bridge being out at a water crossing on the San Jacinto river. Thomas made the decision to start from this trail head instead of a different one that would force him to have to cross the river this note warns of. It shaved about 4 miles off of his trip.

The trail was high and dry in this part of the forest. The terrain changed dramatically the further in Thomas went. This is where I turned around. The next several pictures were taken on the walk back to my car.

Tree Sap. It sparkled like glitter in the sunlight, but don't think the photo captured it.

Violet. These were just getting started for the season.

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