Sunday, March 11, 2007

Colorado Bend State Park

Even though the threat of rain was over us, today turned out to be a lovely day of hiking in the Colorado river valley. It was a short walk but very pretty, with waterfalls that sounded very peaceful and pools of clear water all over the place. I think Thomas said the section we did was about five miles...but it felt more like three to me. We wanted to go on the guided hike to Gorman Falls too, but didn't make it in time. No worries though, I'll catch it on the next trip...

The park was crowded and had a bit of a Garner SP feel to me...lot's of families camping out. It made me wish I was camping too. This weekend I think I'll get the family out for a little trip. There are so many choices of where to go but I might head back to this park because I think the kids would love it and there are still some trails I haven't been on yet that I'd like to hike.

As we were leaving the park today, we got some great photos of a little armadillo that was foraging right out in the open in the camp grounds. It was totally comfortable with all the humans near by and didn't pay anyone much mind. A young girl told me it had been there most of the day just hanging out. We got tons of was so darn cute!

And one last photo...Thomas took it on a previous trip to this park. I wanted everyone to see what Gorman Falls looks like. I think this photo is pretty spectacular. To see more of his beautiful photography, be sure to check out his "All things Fried" site.


Anonymous said...

Awesome pics!! :)

Sean the Blogonaut said...

Agreed some nice pics. Last one looks especially good - professional even, not to say the others aren't good mind you but, the last one looks like it could grace the cover of a magazine.

Virginia aka Ginny said...

the last one looks like it could grace the cover of a magazine.

Yeah, for sure. Thomas has some pretty kick ass camera equipment and a good eye. If you go to his site, check out the pics on the "b roll". They are especially good.