Thursday, January 17, 2008

Now for the Backpacking Pictures of My Solo Trip

Nice day

Right after setting up my tent and looking out

My home away from home. This tent is heavy but I really do like it otherwise

I loved my camp site

Getting dark
Just some scenery around my campsite

Standing on the bluff looking down.

I climbed down , not here, but at another area and walked around down there. It was nice. Forgot to take pictures though.

Just some of my gear.

This is my food re-heating the next day. I couldn't eat it all at dinner time, so since it was cold out, I knew it would be okay to eat for breakfast. It wasn't very good though...way too salty, I ended up packing most of it out.

I don't remember if I took this on the way to the campsite or at the start of my hike the next day. I could consult my map but I'm too lazy right now. I think this was the start though.

This was definitely on the second day.

Here is the actual spring, it's off trail a tiny ways

My steri pen. The water in the spring was crystal clear, no need for filtering

An old settler's place. I've taken pictures of this before but still find it fascinating

Some of the artifacts found in the area

Heading back to the car now


JD said...

Nice pics, Ginny. Wow, you were inches away from the bluff line. It appears that you have at least a two person tent. I've got a solo backpacker's tent that has enough room to haul the pack inside out of the weather. The only problem is it's not free standing. I probably would not have been able to pitch it where you did yours because of the rocky base.


Ginny said...

Yeah I was close to the edge...a few feet away at least, but there was enough soil that I got the stakes all the way down.

My tent is indeed a two person tent. I wanted to have that extra room in case someone else goes with me. I might buy a solo tent though just for those times I'm alone. I've been hunting around for one but don't have the money presently to purchase.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...


Do you have swags over there?

Ginny said...

I'm not sure what a "swag" is, other than maybe a type of curtain. So will you please describe to me what you are asking about?

On the subject of one person tents, There are so many options. Some people swear by tarp tents, others by tarp and hammock systems,and others love bivies. I think I would feel too exposed in those types and like the full coverage and bug protection of regular tents.

Don't get me wrong, I love insects. They've long fascinated me, and I have no qualms what so ever about handling them, but I don't think I care to share the same bed with them. :)

As far as a bivy goes, I don't think I could sleep well in such cramped quarters. But it does attract me in the sense that I could probably put it just about anywhere and well out of sight. I wold have a better chance at seeing wild life, especially if I got one that was camouflaged.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

A swag is like a heavy duty bedroll. Usually made out of think canvas. You can get more advanced types that look like a very small tent, enough for you to get up on your elbows amnd still be enclosed. Might be the same as a bivie - not sure.