Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I've Been Begged to Post These Pictures First for Family

Ok, the reason why I've been so tied up is because my mother is in town. I've been helping her get her 40 foot RV ready for the road. She has never had one of these before and we've been trying to figure things out, etc. There is a ton of stuff one has to know to run one of these bohemeths properly.

I took pictures of the RV on the inside and my brother and sister are having a fit to see. So before I post any camp pictures, here is what has been keeping me occupied. Enjoy. :)

Mom is thrilled
looking out from the bedroom

The bedroom

Sitting in the front passenger seat looking towards living area, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

More pictures to follow in the next day or so. I want to get some pics of this thing parked in my drive way. Ara if you are reading you should now know you can park your rig here next time you are in town. :)


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...


That really is a motor home. I've lived in houses that are smaller. What's it like to drive? Does your mom(note American spelling) have to have a special license to drive it?

Ginny said...

Yes you are correct it is really a motor home. Mom has been doing a great job of driving the thing. She is quite brave about it. I'm not too keen on driving it though and haven't even tried.

I've ridden in it once when mom drove it to a gas station a few miles a way from where she backed it down off this tiny narrow little hill it was parked on. I was her guide directing. She had mirrors and a camera to view me with and after the task was accomplished, I hopped in the passenger seat, which is like a big comfy chair, and away we went.

At first I was a little nervous but mom did a beautiful job driving. I think wind could cause issues and she may not be able to drive it in certain weather conditions, but it rides very smoothly. I felt like I was in a big bus or up in an 18 wheeler...this thing is tall!

Ginny said...

btw, I plan to take pictures of the outside tomorrow and post them pretty quickly, then finally I can move on and post my camping pictures! :)

Joe said...

Good for your mom to take it to the road like that. I'm planning on the same thing, less than 7 years to go.

And Sean, normally you don't need a special license to drive something that big. Now, if it has air brakes you need an endorsement for that. And, if it is a pickup with a big trailer you may need a non commerical truck drivers license, but for a Class A motor home like Ginny's mom has, a regular license is all it takes.

Anonymous said...

Yep, she'll be visiting the gas station frequently.


Lynn Kinsey said...

Wow! Nice home on wheels! It looks very roomy. Nice and bright too. I hope this will put an end to the crummy road trips in the van, with everything all crammed in there. This is much safer too I think. You will be soooo much more comfortable Mom! Woo hooo!

Ginny said...

Yeah putting gas in it is a bitch of a downside...soooooooo expensive!