Friday, January 04, 2008

I'm Hooked!

My new favorite addiction is Blokus. Jen got a travel size for Christmas and we've been playing it like mad ever since. She used to have a four player version of the game and once upon a time ago we played that one like crazy. I always lost too which is humbling, but I still liked the game.

A couple of days ago I played Jen and I beat her three times which is unheard of for me. Most people who play with her end up losing. But the version we were playing was of course her new travel version, which is only for two players and I LOVED it this time around. Not just because I beat Jen a few times, but because it all clicked in my head and I understood better what was going on. So I finally presented a challenge for Jen. When we played in the past, she got tired of playing with me because I posed no threat and she didn't have to try as hard.

But last I went to her house so we could hang out and play games. Her friend Windy(yes that is how she spells it) showed up and we decided to have a Blokus tournament. I got my ass kicked a lot by everyone but I still presented a challenge at least in some of the games I played and I learned a lot. Part of the reason I lost so much is because I experimented in every game to see what would work and what wouldn't. I seem to learn the best when I find out what won't work first and I found out a lot of what won't work during last nights games.

Geez, talking about it is making me want to play again! I feel like a game fiend now and want to get my fix. Russell I think I understand your game addiction a little better now. Another great thing about the travel size Blokus is I can take it on camping trips! It's an entertaining way to pass some time in a tent with a camping buddy...or maybe even a lover. All kinds of interesting bets can be made. ;)


Joe said...

"Windy" is also the name of a hit song in the 60's by The Association, as an FYI. The song is about a gal named, well, Windy.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Windy? That must have been painful at school.

I will have to check out this Blokus game, sounds neat.

Bethanna Banana said...
Would you mind promoting this?

The possum family needs help. The more people who see this the more we can help.