Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cool News

I've been contacted by a senior at Georgia College and State University asking me permission to use one of my photos in their college paper. He happened upon my "Mysterious Forest and the LST" post and liked the photo titled "Fallen Giant". I'll get a copy of the article when it comes out. Cool huh?


trina corina said...

You're gonna be published! Cool! And I thought my photo on "What's that Bug?" was something to brag about! Looks like you've been a busy girl. Your photos are lovely! I'm going to try to get out a little more often this spring now that the Piggle is mobile. I can't really do MAJOR hikes with the kids, but I'm hoping to enjoy some of the easier trails and the creeks. My Sunday walk through St. Edwards was great, it was just nice to be out, breathing fresh air.

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Congrats Ginny. Its always nice to be noticed for your talents.

Ginny said...

Thank you both.

My photography could be much better if I would break down and take a class or two. I'm tempted and hear through the grapevine that I am getting a new camera that might be better than the one I currently own.

We'll see. :)