Sunday, November 06, 2005

Yay I have my own blog now!

I've been wanting to journal for some time now and keep thinking I'll get to it but something always distracts me. No telling how many cool things I wanted to write about that I just forgot in time. I decided to get serious about journaling and not let things get in the way anymore because I hate forgetting stuff and want something for my friends and family to enjoy later. I was going to build a website for that purpose, but that proved to be way too much work and time consuming! I want to be able to come in and write things as they unfold with ease. Seems these days that is the only way to get it done.


Anonymous said...

Cool! the simplicity of blogger is also what attracted me to it. But I must confess it was an artists that inspired me to start blogging.

So journaling is good, I use to do a lot more of it on paper. I have and occasionally put the pen to paper, I still do it more than most I suppose.

So thanks for being cool


Ginny said...

Hi Jesse,

There are still some things I need to learn how to do but simply haven't taken the time out to figure out some things.

I want to post my resume as an image file so it stays permanently on my home page.