Monday, November 28, 2005

Ten Thousand Waves

This is one gorgeous place to go visit if you ever find yourself in Santa Fe NM. Here is a link to their website so you can see for yourself how beautiful this place is.

I can't recommend this place enough! It's quite special and I had the most wonderful experience there. For one thing, it's a clothing optional spa and I've always been a nudist at heart. This place was right up my alley! The tubs were in the most serene and beautiful surroundings and the amentities were fantastic.

I hope you will take a look at the link and read up on this place to get an idea of my experience there. I will post my own pics(no nudes sorry)soon. We tubbed in the women's only tub and as we left someone came in with their pet great dane. What a huge but beautiful dog it was. So calm too. Don't worry, dogs are not allowed in the water ;). I rather enjoyed talking to some of the locals there and out of towners too. The water was great, the weather was very crisp, and the people were equally lovely and hospitable.


Amy said...

Yeah, no naked in public for me, but you go right ahead! Glad you had a great time.

kimberly said...

that looks like a very nice place to stay. I'm quite modest so I most likely won't be getting naked! I would love to see your pics.