Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Impromtu Marriage at My House

Last night during Godless Gamers, we were all sitting around playing a game called Clash of the Gladiators when all of sudden I realized two people sitting at the table were getting married! It's true I swear it. In fact, it was half way over before I even realized what was happening.

Brother Paul(Paul Wilson), who happens to be a dear friend of ours, is an ordained minister. He's an atheist, but heck no reason to let that stop him from getting ordained! Anyway, the happy couple are Charles and Crystal Tabony. They must have just gotten a marriage license and happened to have it with them at gamers. I'm guessing that they mentioned this and Paul probably said something along the lines of why not marry right now? Obviously Charles and Crystal thought that would be nifty and that's what happened. Short vows were said, and that was that! I have to say that this happening right at my own dining room table and with such spontenaity is one of those really cool moments in life that I hope to always remember. They asked me to sign as one of their witnesses. How cool is that?!

We congratulated Charles and Crystal and carried on with gamers with a new festivity. It was a great time for all. As the couple was getting ready to leave, I gave them a small wedding gift...a set of four tumbled marble coasters that I had made. It's handy being a crafty stamping kinda gal. :)

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