Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Meet the "girls"

Lola and Anastasia are our pet cats. Lola is dark as midnight and Anastasia is more of a calico tabby looking thing(pictured left). Both were rescued from the side of the road on different days. Russell and Ben were out for a walk when Russell found Anastasia. She was mewing by herself and very small. He picked her up or rather chased her a bit until he could grab her and brought her home. I took one look at her and instantly fell in love. She was absolutely darling and there was no way I could give her up. We determined that she was either a ferrel cat or someone abandoned her since she was out by a busy road.

My daughter told the neighbor girl about her and both the mom and the girl came over to see the new little beast. They agreed that she was very cute and glad that Russell brought her home. We all figured that if she did belong to someone in the neigborhood, they didn't care much about her or else she wouldn't be out by the side of the road like that. We declined to put up signs, but did watch to see if anyone posted a lost kitten sign around the area we live in. No such signs ever showed up.

So we had ourselves a new pet and life was good. The end.

Well not actually... A couple of days later, the neighbor showed up on our doorstep with a little dark bundle of kitten love! It was instant heart string pulling all over again. Lola was found in the same vicinity as Anastasia and it was obvious that they were siblings. So of course we had to take her in too because that would have been just wrong not to. Poor little kittens...I wonder what became of the rest of the litter. Hopefully they didn't meet a nasty end and I'm glad we were able to save the two we did.

Quickly both kitties became adjusted to life in the Glasser household and have been wonderful feline companions ever since. They are both the fluffiest cats I've ever owned, especially their tails! Each cat has a unique and wonderful personality and they are both a constant source of entertainment and affection. Ben loves having pets and is pretty good around them which is amazing for three year old standards. He particularly loves Lola because she will allow him to pet her, and she seems to be fond of him as well which helps. Anastasia isn't so keen on Ben but it's not surprising. He has done his share of torment like only a three year old can dish out. The surprising thing is that he won Lola over! I feel in time he'll do the same with Anastasia.

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