Sunday, November 13, 2005

Goodbye Lostris

Some of you probably don't know this, but I was a very big fan of a game called Diablo II. This is a multi-player online game that can be played on the interenet or an intranet...whatever the case may be. It's a great game I think and my husband got me very hooked on it before I had my son.

We played the heck out of that game and I had built a character to be reckoned with. Her name was Lostrs, a 78 level sorceress who could kick major ass. I loved playing her character and I was proud of the care and time spent creating her. Many hours of game play were required to get her to the level I had her at and with the skill set and great armor, etc..

Well, today I learned that I no longer have her character in my hard drive. The computer she was on, was re-formatted and neither I nor Russell thought about her when we did it and of course she wasn't backed up either. A hard lesson to learn let me just say. Especially since I was the one telling everyone else to be sure they were backing up their computers. I generally do a back up now, but wish I had been more diligent back then. So, as a result of forgetfulness, Lostris is no more. *sniff sniff*

The fortunate thing is that I can build a new sorceress and can get her to a high level too if it becomes that important. I don't know if I'll play long term anymore, but do like the nastalgia of playing an old game every once in a while.

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