Thursday, December 06, 2007

Finally Some of those Gingerbread Pics I've Been Promising...

The gingerbread party was a total hit this year. Thirty or so people showed up over the course of the evening and many cute houses were made. I won't get too lengthy about the party details but suffice it to say everyone was having a good time and got very creative with their gingerbread projects.

My igloo turned out pretty cool and was one of the party favorites as was Jen's house. If any of you decide to start your own annual tradition of gingerbread making let me know. I have now attended two of these events at Jen's, and because I've helped make the dough, roll it out, cut out house parts and cookies, learned the secrets of making perfect royal icing, and baked up lots of cookies, I feel I have a grip on how this all works.

I love rolling out cookie dough...there is something calming about it.

pre-baking...sorry I don't have any pictures of these decorated...I think they got eaten too quick!

My igloo. I was going to put a sign in the pond that says "Ice Fishing Rental", but I ran out of time. The round part of the igloo was done by taking a large flat piece of dough and covering a bowl with it then baking. The entrance was then attached. I love how it looks like it has snow piled on it.

Other houses were made by various guests at the party.

This one is so has a little car in the driveway!

Amber and Elliott worked on this one together.

I don't remember who made this one, but I love how they put the little heart on it for a door.

I wanted to post a pic of Jen's house but I never got a good photograph of it unfortunately. She did an awesome job though and the whole thing was covered completely in candy. I had many other pictures to share too, but for some reason can't find them. I sure hope they didn't get deleted accidentally because there were some great shots in that group of all the candy we bought and the aftermath of the kitchen mess when we were done making dough, icing, etc...

Ha! The kitchen wasn't the only thing that was a mess...Jen and I were both pretty thoroughly covered from head to toe in sugary icing and flour. I wish someone had thought to take a pic of us.