Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Pictures

We had a wonderful time yesterday and I was so pleased to have all my children with me. My girls are getting so grown up and more beautiful every time I see them. They are both on the A/B honor roll and doing well. Unfortunately they didn't get to spend Christmas morning with us, but they did get to the house around 2pm so I had most of the day with them. They are staying in town with me all week too so that is cool.

I got gear this year of course and can't wait to get out on the trails to try it all out. I told my husband not to buy me the Trangia camp stove I was looking at before I decided to make my own stove, but I guess he wasn't paying attention cause he bought it anyway. Oh well it's a cute little thing and will be very useful on car camping trips and besides, one can never have too many stoves. I think it's more weight than I want to carry for backpacking so will stick with my plan to make a stove for that purpose.

I got Russell a bunch of clothes, a new book light, and a new computer game. Ben got some really cool toys and we all played with them most of the day yesterday. I made us Panang for dinner, which was really part of my Christmas present to the girls since they are both Panang fanatics. It was nice to break away from the traditional Christmas food this year. Although I did make a huge brunch with all the traditional dishes. Jen and Gilbert and their two kids came over and while the kids played and had a fantastic time, the adults drank mimosas(champagne and O.J.) which is always one of my favorite Christmas morning drinks, and had a great time visiting.

Mouse Trap...a classic.

The Marble Run...turned out to be a huge favorite

Ben's new basketball goal. He likes it!

Russell putting together connect four.

Ben loves the tree! He was so excited. :)


Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

Great pictures. I will have to resize my pictures of the day.

I did a video tape for my brother in laws relatives in England and put it on youtube. We played boules like we do every year and I won.

Didn't get my xbox but my birthday is in a month so...

Glad to see you had a great time

Sarah said...

We got connect four and mousetrap for Christmas too!

Atheist in a mini van. said...

Neat pics!! :) It looks like you guys had a wonderful day.

Ginny said...

Thanks for the comments everyone. It was definitely a fun day playing with Ben's toys. We all got such a kick out of building new configurations with the marble run. I'm sure we will come up with all kinds of crazy constructions.

And Mousetrap is very nostalgic. I played with it as a kid, Russell played with it as a kid, and now my kids are playing with it. :) Good toy!

Lynn Kinsey said...

Love the pics! I am glad Ben had such a good time. We got frustrated with Mousetrap, because Jack kept pulling it apart as we tried to teach Sparky how to play. It is now in its box and I am trying to hide it so we don't have to get it out for at least another year! lol