Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Deck the Halls cont.

The quality of the pictures is lousy I know...sorry about that. I was in a hurry and didn't pay much attention to lighting.

Mom and Lynn, you should remember some of these ornaments because they used to grace GM and GD's tree.
I hung the gingerbread cookies I decorated from our mantle.

Ben's gingerbread house


Lynn Kinsey said...

You guys did a great job on the tree!!! It is beautiful! I also love your gingerbread cookies! mmmm Did Ben have a good time? I hope so. How magical! Oh, and I didn't know you had any of GM's and GD's ornaments! You gotta spread the love and send me one! lol

trina corina said...

Your house is looking mighty festive! I'm sure Ben loves it! And yes, have fun getting that stinkin' tree into the box! We fight with ours every year, in fact, we had a fiasco this year that involved a piece that got lost! Luckily when Brady was tearing the tree down in a rage, the piece miraculously flew out and across the room and XMAS was saved! ;-)

Ginny said...

Well the tree is always such a big deal at Christmas isn't it? You should hear Lynn's story about her tree! Her big cowboy man husband went out into the forest on the ranch and chopped down a 22 foot fur tree and brought it home.

He was all sneaking around trying to get it in the house(that in itself is hilarious)and of course he had to get out the chainsaw and cut the bottom down...their ceilings are only 14 feet. When he brought it in, it was still about three feet too tall, so had to lug it out again and cut some more off.

Lynn tells me that within an hour of it being in the house the whole place smelled that fresh Christmas tree smell. Sounds nice. I think she is going to blog the story and add pictures too soon.

Lynn Kinsey said...

Yep! I put the pics up on my blog for you to check out! lol