Monday, August 06, 2007

I Used to Be Highly Skilled...

This is my old job description courtesy of my former boss. Looking back I can't believe I did all this...but yeah I made good money and had a great career before becoming a stay at home mom. I am struggling bad with whether or not I should go back to this type of work or if I should try to change career paths's not an easy decision and my anxiety levels are sky high right now because I'm 41 years old and have no clear path right now...

Virginia Glasser/Technical Director/Licensee Support/Training Coordinator

Technical Support:

· Perform all set up of new employee email accounts, and add new employees to the network.

· Troubleshoot and offer technical expertise when problems are encountered with the network, workstations, any technical equipment such as the digital camera, printers, fax machine, copier, postage machines, etc.

· Educate fellow employees in the use of different software applications to help them become more efficient and automated.

· Web site interface, design, and creation of site content…such as the FAQ's, Marketing Tips, various forms, etc…

· Help maintain the integrity of information being input into ACT and hunt for ways to make ACT more useful.

· Organization of files on the network and keeping them free of clutter

· Maintain the very important daily back up of data from the network.

· Perform diagnostic routines such as disk defrags and scan disk on all workstations as needed.

· Field technical questions about software when sales people need assistance with their prospect's technical questions.

· Prepare laptop computers for training…such as installing updates to software and powerpoint presentations.

Licensee Support:

Continuous Education and Training of Licensees in all aspects of their new business from technical support to marketing help.


- Train licensees in use of all software we provide in their package

- Educate many licensees in the use of their pc, (mainly showing them how to use the operating system)

- Show licensees how to effectively use the inter-net to do research that will help facilitate their ongoing education process and help them with marketing

- Show licensees how to install their software

- Register licensees APS software


- Work with licensees on a daily basis coaching them through sales and marketing activity, suggesting innovative ideas to prepare them for their encounters with prospects, guide them into a more lateral thinking process when facing marketing challenges in today's current market.

- Help licensees create proposals, presentations, letters, business cards, etc.

- Write FAQ's for the Cashflow-Doctor web site as needed.

C) Medical

- Field questions concerning the medical industry and guide licensees towards effective solutions to the frequent problems their prospects encounter during the billing process.

- Offer suggestions to licensees on how to interface with the insurance companies when needing information and direction towards problem solving.


- Take licensee's orders for marketing materials and ship them out when we are short staffed.

- Intake of all email from prospects inquiring about the business and forward it to Annette.

- Respond to daily email correspondence from licensees.

- Assign licensees id numbers and passwords for the LSS.

Training Coordination:

· Responsible for ordering of all supplies for general office use and for training.

· Keep track of all inventory.

· Oversee the day to day operations of putting training material together to make sure nothing is excluded that is supposed to be there (equipment, etc.)

· Proof read anything that goes to training (manuals, new materials, etc…)

· Train new employees how to put training material together.

· Create new training material and search for more efficient and cost productive ways to get useful information into the hands of licensees.

· Interface with trainers and make suggestions of how to improve training, based on feedback from licensees.

· Conduct software workshops in the evening, giving an informative overview of each of the software we provide in their package.

· Stay with licensees at training during their evening meal to field questions and make certain everyone has what they need and are happy.

General Office Support:

· Answer phones as needed

· Internet Research

· Keep track of employee training material, such as tutorial software and videos…checking out these materials to employees as requested.

· Any special project or assistance Annette needs.

· Document in ACT each licensee's software serial numbers for Practisoft and Medisoft

· Filing

Currant Projects:

- Researching OIG Compliance

- Creating excell spread sheet for assigning id numbers and passwords to LSS

- Creating new document to be passed out during training which will address "Important - -- Issues to Consider When Filing Healthcare Claims".

- Writing Success Stories for licensees to put their signature on (they want the help because they feel their writing skills are not so great).

- Coordinating with Sheri Baldridge to get a sales rep hired for her. Will make initial contact with potential rep, qualify him/her, make introduction to services, the opportunity, etc., help Sheri formulate a good commission structure and things she will need to add to her agreement between her and the sales rep/and or reps.

- Writing Telemarketing Do's and Don'ts for extranet.

- Add licensee Pics to ACT

- Write reference letter for licensee's doc to sign


Sharon said...

You still are highly skilled. You haven't lost any of those elements. The problem is you didn't really enjoy the pressure, as I recall. However, with any well-paid position there is pressure. That's why it is well-paid! lol Can't help you decide what direction to take. Maybe you need one of those "life guidance" people like I read about today on Yahoo.

Ginny said...

The pressure was tremendous at times no doubt...

Sean the Blogonaut F.C.D. said...

A combination of the two skill sets is perhaps the way to go. Some online cooking info service? Just chucking random thoughts out

trina corina said...

I know where you're coming from. I too was someone that had a high-pressure, good paying job before children came along. However, in my case, I always knew it was a "job" and not a career. So leaving it behind wasn't hard. And although I am focusing the next at least 4 years on being a SAHM, I am always trying to hone my skills and work toward the goal of being able to make money doing something I love, whether it be photography, jewelry, art, writing, or a mixture of all of the above. That is why I love my life right now, I may be a little hampered by the kiddos at the moment, but my future is wide open to explore something that makes ME happy.

But as for you, you are not only as skilled as you were before, but even more so. You are one of the most well-versed, well-rounded individuals I have ever met! Regardless of what you choose, I know from experience you have the drive to accomplish it, ten-fold!

Ginny said...

Thank you Trina, your words are very encouraging. :)

Poodles Rule said...

I saw medical insurance stuff in there somewhere. Save yourself, find something less frustrating. Not sure what end you were on probably the opposite end I am on, but it can all be very frustrating.

Ginny said...

Don't worry poodles...there is no way in hell I'd go back into the medical insurance fray...I HATED it then and I hate the thought of it now...